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"x" indica que se hizo una referencia a otra entrada.
"xx" indica que también se hizo referencia a otra entrada.

Walden, Narada Michael (Music producer, composer, vocalist, drummer)

Waldrop, Uda (Pianist, organist)

Walker, Joe Louis (Blues guitarist, vocalist)

Walker, Randy (Singer) 3/16

Wallace, Vince (Jazz saxophonist)

Wallace, Wayne (Musician) 10/10

Wallpaper (Musical Group) 4/13

Walsh, Michael (Critic)

Wang, Peter (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Wang, Wayne (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)
See also: American Cinematographer (February 1983): 32-39
See also: American Film (July 1986): 17
See also: CineVue (September 1986): Cover

Wasnak, Diane (Actress)

Wasserman, John (Critic)
x Music Critics (vf)
x Moving Picture Critics (vf)
x Music Reference

Wasserman, Rob (Rock bassist)

Watanabe, June (Choreographer)

Waterhouse, Nick (Musician) 3/16

Waters, John (Filmmaker) 1/11

Watkins, Earl (Drummer)

Watkins, Mary (Composer, jazz pianist)

Watsky, George (Rapper) 3/16

Watters, Lu (Jazz trumpeter, bandleader)

Wavy Gravy (Clown)
x Romney, Hugh
x Gravy, Wavy

Waybur, Julian Rehn
See: San Francisco Public Library-Main Library-Art and Music Department (vf)

Weare, Kate (Dancer) 3/16

Weekend (Musical group)

Weeks, Anson (Band Leader)

Weiner, Bernard (Critic)

Weintraub, Esther (Comedienne)

Weir, Bob (Vocalist, rock guitarist)
See also: Grateful Dead (Musical group)

Welnick, Vince (Keyboard musician)

Wenner, Jan (Publisher of Rolling Stone)
See also: Music Publications (vf)

West, Paula (Cabaret vocalist)

The Whispers (Musical group)

White, Emily Jane (Singer/Songwriter)

Whiteman, Paul (Bandleader)

Whitfield, Weslia (Cabaret vocalist)
a k a Wesla Whitfield
Weslia Whitfield Greensill, 128 Bayview Circle, S.F. CA 94124-2273

Wickham, Patrick (Filmmaker/Film producer)

Williams, David Lee (composer) 7/13

Williams, Jessica (Jazz pianist)

Williams, Milton H. (Composer, conductor, instrumentalist)

Williams, Norman (Jazz saxophonist)

Williams, Richard (Conductor)
x Amici della Musica (vf)

Williams, Robin (Actor, comedian)
See also: Comedy & Comedians (vf)
Current Biography 1979

Williams, Stanley (Director) 4/13

Williamson, Cris (Feminist vocalist, musician, co-founder of Olivia Records)

Willits, Christopher (Musician) 3/16

Willson, Meredith (Composer)

Wilson, Terry (Filmmaker, painter)
See: Artists' (vf)

Winfield, Paul (Actor)

Wing, Tony (Dancer, tap dance instructor)

Winn, Steven (Critic)

Winningham, Mare (Actress, vocalist)

Winston, George (Pianist)

Winthrop, Faith (Cabaret vocalist, chorale leader, composer)

Wire Train (Musical group)

Wise, Kirk (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Wittich, Ina (Vocalist)

Wolf, Kate (Vocalist, folk and country guitarist)

Wolfe, Kathy (Filmmaker, video distributor)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Wolfgang and Strauss (Musical group)

Wolfman Jack (Disc jockey)

Wong, Bradd (B.D.) (Actor)

Wong, Mel (1938-2003) (Choreographer)

Wong, Victor
See: Fine Arts Development Corporation (vf)

Wong, Victor (d. Sept. 12, 2001) (Actor)

Woods, Glenn H. (Musician, composer, educator)

Wu, Alice (Filmmaker)

Wuorinen, Charles (Composer)

Wyss, Niklaus (Conductor)

Wright-Penn, Robin (Actress)