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"x" referencia hecha de otra entrada
"xx" véase también la referencia hecha en otra entrada
Tenemos archivos de recorte para todas las entradas en negrita. Todos los demás encabezados son sólo referencias cruzadas

See American Conservatory Theatre
AIDS and the Arts
See also Fund Raisers
x Names Project Foundations AIDS Memorial Quilt
xx Quilts and Quilting
See American Institute of Graphic Arts. San Francisco Chapter


See Artists in Response


ARLIS. Northern California Chapter
x Art Libraries Society of North America
xx Art Associations


ASIFA-SF (Association Internationale du Film d'Animation)
See San Francisco Animation Association


A.T. & T. Park
(Before Dec. '05 see SBC Park)
x SBC Park
xx Stadia
Dec. 29, 2005


Academy Awards
See Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences


Academy of Art College
(After 6/2005 see Academy of Art University)
xx Art Schools


Academy of Art University
(Before June 2005 see Academy of Art College)
June 2005


Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Oscar - Iconography
x Academy Awards
x Awards
x Moving Picture Awards


ACCESS: Information from the National Access Center
See The Arts and the Handicapped




Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts
x Bay Area Graphic Arts Council
xx Art Associations A-Z
xx Graphic Art
xx California Palace of the Legion of Honor. San Francisco.


Acting as a Profession


Actors and Actresses
See Performers and Personalities
after 2009 see Musicians and Performing Artists


Actors' Ark Theater
xx Theater


Actor's Ensemble of Berkeley (file closed 2003)
xx Theater


Actor's Theater of San Francisco
xx Theater


Actors' Union
x Bay Area Theater Workers Union
x Equity
xx Theater
Sept.3, 1982


Actor's Workshop
See also Hancock, John M/PA VF
xx Theater
x San Francisco Actor's Workshop


Advertising Art
See Graphic Art


Advertising - Museums
See Museum of Modern Mythology
Sept. 17, 1985


Aerial Views
See also Views


Affiliate Artists Inc.


African American Historical & Cultural Society
xx Museums and Art Galleries


African American Shakespeare Co.
xx Theater
(Before July 2002 see Theater - Reviews)
Jul. 11, 2002


African People's Repertory Theatre
xx Theatre


Afro Solo Festival
Mar. 1999


x Art and the Aged
x Performing Arts for the Third Age, Inc.
x Senior Citizens


Air Guitar


xx Golden Gate National Recreation Area


Ali Akbar College of Music
See Ali Akbar Khan College
Oct. 1997


Ali Akbar Khan College (file closed 2003)
x Ali Akbar College of Music
x Khan, Ali Akbar M/PA VF
xx Music. Education


Alliance of California Arts Councils
xx California Arts Commission
xx California Arts Council


Alonzo King's Lines Ballet
See Lines
Apr. 25, 1992


The Alvarado School-Community Art Program
See Art - Study and Teaching


American Automobile Association Campbooks
See Camps and Camping


American Bach Soloists
Oct. 9, 1991


American Carousel Museum
See Merry-Go-Rounds
March 3, 1988


American Conservatory Theatre
See also Ball, William M/PA VF


Hastings, Edward M/PA VF
x Geary Theatre
xx Theatre


American Enterprise Theater
xx Theater


American Federation of Musicians
See Musicians Union, Local 6
Oct. 19, 1992


American Indian Contemporary Arts
xx Brava for Women in the Arts
xx Museums and Art Galleries
July 18, 1991


American Indian Film Festival
xx Film Festivals


American Inroads
See New Performance Gallery


American Institute of Architects, Northern California Chapter


American Institute for Cultural Development


American Institute of Graphic Arts
(San Francisco Chapter)
xx Graphic Art
Nov. 1, 2003


American Music Research Center
xx Music Associations A-Z


American Musical Theatre of San Jose (file closed 2003)


American Opera Project
x Opera
xx San Francisco, Opera Association


American Society for Eastern Arts
See Center for World Music


American Zoetrope
See Zoetrope


America's Cup
xx Boating


Ames Gallery of Folk Art (file closed 2003)
xx Museums and Art Galleries
Oct. 20, 1991


Amici della Musica
See Williams, Richard M/PA VF


Amusement Parks
See also Marine World,
See also Merry-Go-Rounds,
See also Playland
x Great America
x Woodward's Gardens


The Anderson Sisters School of Dance
Sept. 24, 1990


Angel Island
See Golden Gate National Recreation Area


Angels of Light
xx Cockettes


Animal Acts


See also Caricatures and Cartoons
Digital media
International Tournee of Animation
Orphanage animation studios
xx Computers and the Arts


Anne Bluethenthal & Dancers
xx Dance

Annual Decorator Showcase House

See Decorators Showcase

Another Hole in the Head
See also SF Indiefest
xx Film Festivals


Ansel Adams Center
See Friends of Photography
Oct. 1, 1992


Anshen & Allen Architectural Firm
June 13, 1989


Anstendig Institute


Ant Farm
See Artists' File


See also Hardman, Chris M/PA VF
xx Performance Art
xx Snake Theatre
xx Theater


Antique Dealers Directories
x Directories


See also Art Sales & Prices
Butterfield and Butterfield
Collectors and Collecting
Apartment Buildings
See Buildings (subfolder: Apartment Buildings)


Apprentice Alliance
xx Organizations
Aug. 17, 1990


Arab Film Festival
(Before 9/2000 see Film Festivals)
Sept. 2000


Arch Ensemble
See 1750 Arch


(Before 12/04 see Sports and Games)


See also American Institute of Architects, Northern California Chapter
Architecture Awards
x Zoe Works
xx Organization of Women Architects


Architectural Heritage
See Foundation for San Francisco's Architectural Heritage


Architectural Ornamentation
See also Decoration and ornament
x Parapets
xx Buildings
xx Terra cotta


Architectural Tours
See also Neighborhoods
x Buildings
x Tours
xx Foundation for San Francisco's Architectural Heritage
xx Walking Tours


See Buildings


Architecture and the City
xx Fairs and Festivals
Architecture and the Physically Handicapped
xx Buildings
xx Design
Dec., 1993


Architecture Awards
See also Foundation for San Francisco's Architectural Heritage
Western Home Awards
x Awards
xx Architects


Archive of Recorded Sound
See Stanford Archive of Recorded Sound


Archives of American Art Smithsonian Institution
xx Art Reference Libraries
xx M.H. De Young Memorial Museum., S. F.
xx Smithsonian Archives of American Art


Archives for the Performing Arts
(After August 1989 see San Francisco Performing Arts Library and Museum)
See also Encore (periodical)
Hartley, Russel M/PA VF
x San Francisco Dance Archive
x Dance Archives


Arcology Circle
See also Artists file: Soleri, Paolo
See also Dept. Ref. except Music
xx Housing


See Mission Armory


See also names of individual artists in Artist's file
Art – Ethnic
Art Associations
Artist's Housing
Artist – Marketing
Bay Area Art Calendars
Project Artaud
Street Artists
Berkeley Art Center
Billboard Art
Ceramic Art
Comic Art
Crafts and Craftsmen
Erotic Art
Exhibit – Spaces
Eyes and Ears Foundation
Floating Seminar
Found Objects (Art)
Graphic Art
Installations (Art)
Marin Society for Artists
Mural Art
Open Studios Public Art
Performance Art
Public Art
Publishing – Art, Music, Theatre, Photography, Sports
Richmond Art Center
San Francisco Art Worker's Coalition
Sausalito Arts Association
Textiles and Fabrics in Art
Walnut Creek Civic Arts Center
x Rolling Renaissance
x San Francisco Underground Art in Celebration
Sept. 13, 1990


Art & The Aged
See Aged


Art Appraisers
x Art Consultants
x Directories


Art Associations
See also Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts
ARLIS. Northern California Chapter
Art Deco Society of California
Artists Guild of San Francisco
California Confederation of the Arts
California Society of Etchers
California Society of Printmakers
California Watercolor Association
California Water Color Society
Society of Western Artists
Women's Caucus for Art
x Art Clubs
x Art Societies
x Directories
xx ART
Nov., 1998


The Art Bank
See San Francisco Art Institute


Art – California
See California--Art


Art Clubs
See Art Associations


Art Collections
See also names of individual collectors, e. g. Avery Brundage Collection, Roscoe and Margaret Oakes Collection
Collectors and Collecting


Art Com
See also periodical by same title
xx Computers and the Arts


Art Competitions
See also Scholarships and Fellowships
World Print Council
x Awards
x Duck Art Competition


Art, Conservation and Restoration
See Art objects
Conservation and Restoration


Art Consultants
See Art Appraisers


Art Councils and Cultural Centers
See Associated Councils of the Arts
National Council on the Arts and Government
Polish Arts and Culture Foundation
Regional Arts Council of the San Francisco Bay Area


Art Deco Society of California
See also The Sophisticate (periodical)
xx Art Associations A-Z
Sept. 30, 1983


Art. Education
See Art. Study and Teaching

Art –Ethnic
Oct. 9, 1991


Art Exchange
xx Art Sales & Prices
xx Museums & Art Galleries


Art Exhibits and Festivals
Exhibit Spaces
See also
Eyes and Ears Foundation
Grant Street Fair
Hospitality House
M. A. D. D. S. Festival
Polk Gulch Arts and Crafts Festival
Queer Arts Festival
San Francisco Art Festival
San Francisco International Art Fair
San Francisco International Arts Festival
San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival
x Art exhibits and festivals
x Festivals
x North Beach Photographic Art Fair
xx Exhibits – Spaces
xx Fairs and Festivals
xx Photographers and Photography


Art Forgeries
See Forgery of Works of Art


Art Galleries
See Museums and Art Galleries


Art Glass
x Glass Art
x Glass Craft
x Glass Blowing and Working
xx Crafts and Craftsmen


Art Grants
See Grants


Art in Cinema Society
See San Francisco Museum of Art (1968-1973)


Art Libraries Society of North America
See ARLIS. Northern California Chapter


Art Library Consulting Service – California
See College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland


Art Museum Association
Before 1982 called Western Association of Art Museums
For information on this body before 1983, see Western Association of Art Museums Feb. 2, 1983


Art Mutilations
See Art Thefts and Mutilations


Art Objects, Conservation and Restoration
x Art, Conservation and Restoration
x Art Restoration


Art Patronage
See also Business and the Arts
Government and the Arts
Partnership for the Arts in California
x Patrons of the arts
x Vanguard Foundation
xx Collectors and Collecting
xx Cultural Life


Art. Recycled
Artists in Residence
Found Objects (Art)


Art Reference Libraries
See also Archives of American Art
Center for the Visual Arts
Oakland Museum Arts Research
x Ferdinand Perret Art Reference Library
x Libraries
x Slide Registries


Art Rental Services
x Art Rentals
x Rental Services – Art


Art Rentals
See Art Rental Services
Jan. 29, 1979


Art Resources Institute, Inc.
Publish "Limited Editions": an art investment newsletter (listed in EDP catalog)


Art Restoration
See Art Objects
Conservation & Restoration


xx Museums and Art Galleries
July 1998


Art Sales & Prices
See also this heading in Dept. Ref. File
See also Art Exchange
Collectors and Collecting
x Auctions
x Auction Records
xx Antiques


Art Schools
See also Academy of Art College
California College of the Arts
Project Artaud
San Francisco Art Institute
School of the Arts
Princeton file for school catalogs
UC Santa Cruz, College 5
xx Art. Study and Teaching


Art Societies
See Art Associations, A-Z


Art. Study and Teaching
See also Dance. Study and Teaching
Music. Study and Teaching
Performing Arts. Study and Teaching
See also Art Schools
Artists in Residence
Center for Creative Work
Creative Growth
Hospitality House
Musical Theater Works
San Francisco Art and Film
School of the Arts
Young Audiences
x The Alvarado School – Community Art Program
x Art. Education


Art Supplies and Services
x Directories


Art Thefts and Mutilations
See also names of specific institution; e.g., M. H. De Young Museum
x Art Mutilations


Art Therapy


Artea Chamber Orchestra
(Before 9/89 see San Francisco Chamber Players)
Dec. 6, 1989


xx Artists' Housing
xx Bay Area Lawyers for the Arts
xx San Francisco Arts Commission
October, 15, 1987


(This is a general folder for articles on Bay Area artists who do not have their own Artist VF)
See also Names of Individual Artists in Visual Artists file
Sept. 2002


Artists' Books
x Printed Matter, Inc.


Artists, California
See note under California, Artists


Artists' Colonies
See Artists in Residence
See also Djerassi Resident Artists Program
Headlands Art Center
x Artists' Retreats


Artists' Cooperative of San Francisco
xx Museums and Art Galleries


Artists – Diseases and Hygiene
x Artists' Health Hazards
x Diseases of Artists
x Health Hazards, Artists'


Artists Embassy International
x Youngman, Althya (Artists file)


Artists' Enterprise Theater
xx Theatre


Artists Equity Association/Center (and Northern California chapter}


Artists' Health Hazards
See Artists – Diseases and Hygiene


Artists Guild of San Francisco
x Art Associations


Artists' Housing
(Includes Artists' Live/Work Space)
x Artists' Studios


Artists in Print
See Organizations – Art
Aug. 17, 1990


Artists – in – Residence
x Art. Recycled
x Artists Colonies
x Artists Retreats
xx Art. Study and Teaching
xx Cultural Life
xx Found Objects (Art)
See also Headlands Art Center
Djerassi Resident Artist Program


Artists in Response


Artists Liberation Front
xx Artists' Rights


Artists' Models
See Models, Artists'


Artists – Marketing
xx Art
Nov. 29, 1989


Artists' Retreats
See Artists' Colonies


Artists' Rights
See also Artists Liberation Front
Bay Area Lawyers for the Arts
Copyright and Reproduction Rights
x Artists Royalty
x California Resale Royalty Act
x Law and Art
x Resale Royalty Act
x Royalties
xx Government and the Arts


Artists' Royalties
See Artists' Rights


Artist's Soapbox Derby
xx San Francisco Museum of Art
xx Soap Box Derby


Arts - Economic Aspects
March 9, 2005


Arts Achievement Awards


Arts and Federal Support
See Government and the Arts


Arts and Government
See Government and the Arts


Arts and Performing Arts – Statistics
x Statistics
xx Cultural Life
May 20, 1988


The Arts and the Handicapped
See also Bread and Roses
Creative Growth
Creativity Explored
Musign Theatre Co.
Outsider Art
Theatre Unlimited
x Access
x Handicapped and the Arts
x Hospital Audiences Inc.
x Turner, Clayton (Artists' V.F.)


Arts and the LGBTQI Community


Arts -- Censorship
x Censorship


Arts Commission of California
See California Arts Commission


Arts Council of California
See California Arts Council


Arts - Education
See Arts, Study and Teaching


Arts Fundraising
xx Government and the Arts
xx Fundraisers


Arts. Internet
See also Music. Internet


Arts Organizations
See also Apprentice Alliance
Artist Guild of San Francisco
Brava for Women
Mission Cultural Center
New Langton Arts
Serpent Source Foundation for Women Artists
South of Market Cultural Center
Yerba Buena Center
xx Organizations
Updated June 2004


Arts. Study and Teaching
See Art. Study and Teaching


xx Fairs and Festivals


Ashland Shakespeare Festival
See Oregon Shakespeare Festival ( Ashland) (file closed 2003)


Ashurbanipal Statue
See Sculpture
Parhad, Fred (Artist VF)


Asian American Dance Performances
Feb. 1, 1999


Asian American International Film Showcase
See San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival
xx Film Festivals
May 3, 1990


Asian American Jazz Festival
xx Music Festivals, Happenings, etc.
xx Music – Jazz, Soul, Blues, Gospel, Reggae


Asian American Theater Company
xx Theater


Asian Art Museum
(formerly Center of Asian Art and Culture)
See also Avery Brundage Collection
Museum Society
Society for Asian Art
Piazzoni, Gottardo (Artist VF)
x Center for Asian Art and Culture
xx Avery Brundage Collection
xx M. H. De Young Memorial Museum


Asian Film Festival
xx Film Festivals
July 11, 2002


Associated Councils of the Arts
x Art Councils and Cultural Centers


Association of American Dance Companies – Western Division
x California Dance Management
xx Dance


Association of Asian Pacific American Artists
Oct. 9, 1991


Association of California Symphony Orchestras
xx Music Association A-Z


Association of San Francisco Potters
See Pottery


The Atheneum
xx Theatre


Attic Theatre
See San Francisco Attic Theatre


See Art Sales and Prices
See also Collectors and Collecting


Auctions Records
See Art Sales and Prices


Audiffred Building
x Buildings
July 3, 2001




x Shaff, Stanley M/PA VF
xx Mixed Media
Oct. 19, 1992


Auto Racing
See also Soapbox Derby


Avenue Theater
See Film Societies


The Avery Brundage Collection
See also Brundage, Avery (artist file)
Asian Art Museum
Center for Asian Art and Culture
Society for Asian Art
x Brundage Collection
xx Art Collections
xx M. H. De Young Memorial Museum, San Francisco


See also Architecture – Awards
Art Competitions
Arts Achievement Awards
Bay Area Theater Critic's Circle
California Music Awards
Cyril Magnin Award
Dance Awards
Mother Jones International Photography Awards
Moving Pictures, Awards
Music, Contests and Awards
National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences
Photography Competitions and Awards
Radio Broadcasting
SF Council on Entertainment
Society for the Encouragement of Contemporary Art
Songwriters' Hall of Fame
Television Awards
Television Broadcasting
Theater Awards
World Print Council
x Media Awards