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"x" referencia hecha de otra entrada
"xx" véase también la referencia hecha en otra entrada
Tenemos archivos de recorte para todas las entradas en negrita. Todos los demás encabezados son sólo referencias cruzadas

Pacific Ballet 

See also Pasqualetti, John (M/PA VF)

Pacific Bell Park
(Prior to 1/1998 See Stadia, after 2003 See SBC Park)
xx Stadia
Jan. 10, 1998

Pacific Coast League
See San Francisco Mission Reds
San Francisco Seals

Pacific Film Archive ( University Art Museum) (file closed)
xx Moving Pictures

Pacific Heights
xx Neighborhoods

Pacific Heritage Museum
xx Museums and Art Galleries
Feb. 27, 1986

Pacific Jewish Theater 
x Berkeley Jewish Theater
July 8, 1989

Pacific Musical Society 
xx Music Associations A-Z

Pacific Trade Center
See City Planning

Palace Hotel 

Palace of Fine Arts
See also Exploratorium
xx Buildings

Palace of the Legion of Honor
See California Palace of the Legion of Honor

Palace ( Post Street)
See Japan Center Theater

Palace Symphonette 
x Trobbe, Al (M/PA VF)
x Trobbe, Cy (M/PA VF)

Paley, Lillian
See Center for the Visual Arts

Palo Alto Telemann Society
See Telemann Society
Dec. 3, 1979

Panama-Pacific International Expo.1915 

x Ubu, a New Music ensemble

See Mime

See Celebrations and Parades

Paradise-Hawaii Theater-Restaurant
See Japan Center Theater

Paramount Music Library (file closed)
Sept. 14, 1993

Paramount Theatre ( Oakland) (file closed)
xx Theatre Buildings – History

See Architectural ornamentation

xx Neighborhoods

See San Francisco Recreation and Park Dept.

x Neighborhoods
June 12, 2003

xx Chamber Music

Parties & Party-Giving 

Partnership for the Arts in California, Inc. 
xx Art Patronage

Patrons of the Arts
See Art Patronage

Patsy Awards
See Moving Pictures, Awards

Paul Scardina Dance Company 
x Scardina, Paul (M/PA VF)
x Dance

Paul Thiebaud Gallery
xx Museums and Art Galleries

Pay TV
See Cable TV

Pei, Cobb, Freed and Partners
SeeSan Francisco Public Library – Main Library (1996- )

Peking Opera
See Chinese Opera

Pennsylvania Dutch Symbols
See VF Symbols

People in Plazas 
xx Music festivals, Happenings, etc.
Aug. 20, 2004

People's Film Festival 
xx Film Festivals

People's Theater Coalition 
x People's Theater Festival
xx Fort Mason
xx Theatre

People's Theater Festival
See People's Theater Coalition

Percussive Arts Society (file closed)
xx Music Associations A-Z

Performance Art 
See also Antenna
Coates, George M/PA VF
544 Natoma
Happenings, Conceptual Art, etc.
New Performance Gallery
Soon 3
Survival Research Laboratories
xx Art

Performance Workshop (Jean Shelton's Acting School)
See The Playhouse Company, Berkeley

Performances at Six 
xx Chamber Music
xx San Francisco Performances, Inc.
October 29, 1982

Performers and Personalities 
after 2009 see Musicians and Performing Artists
See also Folders for Individual Performers in the M/PF VF
Radio Broadcasting (subfolder: Performers, Personalities, Interviews, etc.)
Talent Agencies
Television Broadcasting (subfolder: Performers, Personalities, Interviews, etc.)
Theatrical Agencies
Women Musicians
x Actors and Actresses
x Aerialists
x Child Actors
x Flagpole Sitters
xx Moving Pictures (i.e. local films and filmmakers)

Performing Arts Centers
See Calvin C. Flint Center ( DeAnza Foothill College)
Candlestick Performing Arts Center
Concord Pavilion
East Bay Center for the Performing Arts
Metropolitan Arts Center
Mountain View Performing Arts Center
Oakland Performing Arts Center
San Francisco, Performing Arts Center
San Jose Community Theatre (after 1975 See San Jose Center for the Performing Arts
Spreckels Performing Arts Center
Wright, Frank L. (Artist file - for Marin Civic Center)

Performing Arts. Education.
See Performing Arts. Study and Teaching
See also Dance. Study and Teaching
School for the Arts

Performing Arts Workshop

Performing Arts for the Third Age, Inc.
See Aged

Performing Arts Management
See Talent Agencies

Performing Arts Orchestra 
(after 1983 See Chamber Symphony of San Francisco)
See also San Francisco Ballet

Performing Arts. Productions 

Performing Arts Services
See Ticket Voucher Systems

Performing Arts – Spaces 
Aug. 9, 1990


Performing Arts. Study and Teaching
See also Dance. Study and Teaching
School of the Arts
Performing Arts Workshop

x Theatre. Education


Performing Arts – Vocational Guidance 
March 5, 1999

Performing Arts Workshop 
x Unti, Gloria (M/PA VF)
xx Performing Arts. Education
xx Theatre

Phelps House 
xx Buildings

Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra 
x Philharmonia Chamber Soloists
xx Goldberg, Laurette (M/PA VF)
May 21, 1985

Philharmonia Chamber Soloists
See Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra
May 21, 1985

Philippine Cultural and Trade Center
See City Planning
SF Redevelopment Agency

Photo Metro Gallery
xx Photography – Museums
March 1998

See also Folders of Individual Photographers in Artists' Files.
Mother Jones International Photography Awards
North Beach Press
Photography – Museums and Art Galleries
Publishing – Art, Music, Theatre, Photography, Sports
x Camera Clubs
x Photographers and photography
x Photography
xx Focus Gallery

Photography Competitions and Awards 
See also Mother Jones International Photography Awards
x Awards

Photography – Museums and Art Galleries 
See also Folders for Individual Photographers in Artists' File
See also Individual Museums and Galleries:
Ansel Adams Center for Photography
California Historical Society
Focus Gallery
Fraenkel Gallery
Friends of Photography
Gallery 16
J.J. Brookings Gallery
Museums and Art Galleries
PhotoMetro Gallery
Robert Koch Gallery
SF Camerawork
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Shapiro Gallery
Vision Gallery
xx Photographers
xx Museums and Art Galleries

Photographers and Photography
See Photographers

(Before 1991 See Photography and Photographers)
July 20, 1991

Piano. Tuners 

Pickle Family Circus 
See also Irwin, Bill M/PA VF
Hoyle, Geoff M/PA VF
xx Juggling

Picture File – Oakland Public Library
See Oakland Public Library (Picture Collection)

Pier 39 
See also Waterfront Development
Mixed Media (for articles on San Francisco Experience)
x North Point Pier Project
xx City Planning
xx Fisherman's Wharf

Pioneers (Basketball team)
See San Francisco Pioneers

Pioneer's Monument 
x California Pioneer's Monument
xx Sculpture
Oct. 30, 1993

Pitschel Players 
xx Theatre
xx The Committee

xx Animation
xx Computer and the Arts
xx Moving Pictures
Feb. 10, 1999

Playboy Club 
xx Comedy and Comedians
xx Nightclubs
xx Variety Shows

Players Guild
See San Francisco Players Guild

(Before 9/2000 See San Francisco Recreation and Parks)
Sept. 2000

The Playhouse Company, Berkeley (file closed)
x Performance Workshop (Jean Shelton's Acting School)
x Shelton, Jean (M/PA VF)
xx Theatre

The Playhouse Repertory Theatre, San Francisco 
xx Theatre

x Ocean Beach
xx Amusement Parks
xx City Planning
xx Parks

Playwrights Ensemble/Dancers Studio 
x Dancers Studio
xx Theatre
xx Dance

Playwrights Theater 
xx Theater

See also Civic Center Plaza
Embarcadero Plaza
United Nations Plaza

See San Francisco Folk Music Center

Plush Room 
xx Nightclubs

Pocket Opera 
See also Old Spaghetti Factory (for articles prior to July 1979)

Pippin, Donald (M/PA VF)
xx Old Spaghetti Factory

Poetry Film Festival 
xx Film Festivals

Point Reyes National Seashore (file closed)
xx Parks
Feb. 3, 1988

Polish Arts and Culture Foundation 
x Art Councils and Cultural Centers

Politics and Art 
Sept. 28, 1989

Polk Gulch Arts and Crafts Festival 
xx Art Exhibits and Festivals

Polk Street
xx Neighborhoods


Pops Concerts
See San Francisco, Symphony Orchestra

Popular Concerts

See Bridenthal, Tad VF (designer of an erotic pinball machine)

Pornographic Entertainments 
See also Moving Pictures (subfolder: Pornographic Films and Filmmakers)

Port Costa Concert Association (Including: Port Costa Players and New Port Costa Players)

Port of San Francisco
See Waterfront Development

Portola District 
xx Neighborhoods
xx Walking Tours

Post Street Promenade
See Beautification Projects

See also N ames of Individual Artists in the Artists' File
xx Art
xx Graphic Art

Potrero Hill 
xx Neighborhoods
xx Walking Tours

x Association of San Francisco Potters
x Kiln Construction
x Raku
xx Crafts & Craftsmen

Poverty Theater
See San Francisco Poverty Theater

Prep Hall of Fame
See San Francisco Prep Hall of Fame
Jan. 10, 1984

The Presence of the Past 
x Venice Biennale 1980
xx Fort Mason

Preservation (architectural)
See Buildings – Preservation and Restoration
See Foundation for San Francisco Architectural Heritage

Presidio Heights
xx Neighborhoods
Aug. 21, 1990

Presidio of San Francisco 
See also Golden Gate National Recreation Area (new name as of Sept. 1994)
Letterman Digital Arts Center
xx Buildings (subfolder: Government Buildings)

Presidio Officers Club 
(Before 7/2002 see Museums and Art Galleries)
xx Museums and Art Galleries

Pride Parade
See San Francisco Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Parade

Printed Matter, Inc.

See Artists' Books

Prints and Printmakers
See Graphic Art

PRO Arts 
July 8, 1983

Pro Musica, San Francisco Chapter 

Project Artaud 
(After May 1988 see also VF's on type of performance)
x Southern Exposure (Gallery)
x Studio Eremos
x Theater Artaud
xx Art
xx Art Schools
xx Artist's housing
xx Theater

Project Bandaloop
xx Dance

Project One 
xx Artists' housing

Pub Theatre 
xx Theatre

Public Art 
(Herein are found articles on the nature and philosophy of public art and examples)
See also Specific mediums and Artists files
See also Mural Art
See also Sculpture
x Howard Street Arches
xx Art
xx Coit Tower

Public Art Works (museum in San Rafael.  File closed)

Public Housing
See Housing

Publishing – Art, Music, Theatre, Photography, Sports 
xx Art
xx Music (i.e. Music and Musical life)
xx Photographers and Photography
xx Sports and Games
xx Theatre
July 20, 1991

Pulgas Water Temple
See Polk, Willis – Artists' VF

Pullman Castle
See Carolands (in Hillsborough)

Puppets & Puppetry 

Purple Globe Awards 
See also S. F. State University School of Creative Arts
xx Coppola, August M/PA VF
xx Moving Pictures – Awards

Purple Moon Dance Project
xx Dance

Push Dance Company
x Simpson, Raissa M/PA VF
xx Dance