Números de Clasificación de las Partituras Musicales

Utilice el Sistema de Clasificación Decimal Dewey (abajo) para buscar en los estantes y el catálogo, partituras vocales, instrumentales y ensambles que posee la Biblioteca. Muchas de las partituras pueden llevarse prestadas, como juegos de música orquestal, que se prestan a organizaciones que tienen acuerdos con el Centro de Arte, Música y Ocio.

Nº Clasificación Tipo de Partitura
780.8 Collected works of individual composers
780.82 Monumenti; Collected works of diverse composers
782 Opera (piano-vocal scores)
782.01 Opera (full scores)
782.7 Comic opera; Broadway musicals
782.8 Cantata, secular
782.81 Children's opera
782.83 Incidental music; Stage, radio and television
782.9 Ballet (piano score)
783 Sacred music
783.08 Sacred collected works
783.1 Oratorio
783.2 Music of Christian liturgy; Masses (ordinary and proper)
783.23 Masses (single movements)
783.24 Christian choral music (vespers, complines and magnificat)
783.29 Hebrew liturgy and hymns
783.3 Passions; Easter music
783.4 Anthems, motets, polyphonic hymns, unaccompanied church cantatas
783.45 Anthems, motets, polyphonic hymns, cantatas, with accompaniment
783.5 Chants (Plain, Gregorian, Byzantine)
783.55 Organum, faux-bourdon, clausula
783.6 Carols
783.65 Christmas music other than carols
783.9 Collections of sacred solos
784 Secular vocal music
784.07 Sight-singing, solfege
784.1 Unaccompanied part-songs, glees, madrigals, catches, rounds
784.15 Accompanied part-songs, glees, madrigals, catches, rounds
784.2 Songs and arias from operas
784.21 Songs from comic operas and musical comedies
784.25 Recitations with music
784.3 Vocal chamber music; Solo songs, cantatas, with solo instrumental accompaniment
784.315 Vocal music with guitar accompaniment
784.32 Vocal duets with solo instrumental accompaniment
784.4 International folk song collections
784.41 Sea songs; Songs of American wars
784.47 National anthems
784.48 North American Indian songs
784.49 Songs of California
784.491 American folk song
784.492 English, Irish, Scotch folk songs
784.4921 Canadian folk songs
784.493 German folk songs
784.4931 Hungarian folk songs
784.4932 Austrian folk songs
784.4933 Yugoslav, Serbo-Croat, Rumanian folk songs
784.4934 Baltic, Finn folk songs
784.4937 Czech, Slovak folk songs
784.4938 Polish folk songs
784.4939 Dutch folk songs
784.494 French (including French-Canadian) folk songs
784.495 Italian folk songs
784.496 Spanish folk songs
784.4962 Mexican folk songs
784.4964 South American folk songs
784.4868 Central American folk songs
784.4969 West Indian folk songs; Calypso
784.497 Russian folk songs
784.498 Scandinavian folk songs
784.499 Yiddish, Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, etc. folk songs
784.5 Popular songs
784.6 College, student songs and choruses
784.68 Topical songs
784.7 African-American songs, spirituals, blues
784.71 Ragtime (songs)
784.8 Miscellaneous art song and lieder collections
784.8 H Song collections of historical interest
784.8 HP Hit Parade popular song collections
784.81 Children's songs
784.82 Vocal duets
784.84 Vocal quartets
784.86 Community, assembly song, chorus books
784.89 Songs and cantatas for solo voice with obligato accompaniment of two or more instruments
785 Orchestral scores
785 M Miniature scores
785 O Sets of scores and/or parts for orchestral performance
785.12 Operas in full score (old classification)
785.13 Sacred vocal music in full score (old classification)
785.14 Secular vocal music in full score (old classification)
785.16 Band, wind ensemble music
785.42 Jazz ensembles
785.7 Chamber music
785.72 Duets for Violin and Viola
785.721 Duets for Violin and 'Cello
785.722 Duets for Viola and 'Cello
785.723 Duets for String and Wind
785.724 Duets for Winds
785.725 Duets for Bowed and Plucked Strings
785.726 Duets for Wind and Plucked String
785.727 Duets for Piano and Organ
785.728 Duets for Plucked Strings
785.73 Piano Trios. Trios for Piano, Violin, and 'Cello
785.731 Trios for Piano and any other String combinations
785.732 Trios for Piano, String, and Wind
785.733 Trios for Piano and Winds
785.734 Trios for Piano and other instruments
785.735 Trios for Violin, Viola, and 'Cello
785.736 Trios for any other String combinations
785.737 Trios for Strings and Winds
785.738 Trios for Winds
785.739 Trios for other combinations
785.74 String Quartets. Quartets for Two Violins, Viola, and 'Cello
785.741 Quartets for other String combinations
785.742 Quartets for Strings and Winds
785.743 Quartets for Winds
785.744 Quartets for other combinations, excluding Piano
785.745 Piano Quartets. Quartets for Piano, Violin, Viola, and 'Cello
785.746 Quartets for Piano and other String combinations
785.747 Quartets for Piano, Strings and Winds
785.748 Quartets for Piano and Winds
785.749 Quartets for Piano and other combinations
785.75 Piano Quintets. Quintets for Two Violins, Two Violas, and 'Cello
785.751 Quintets for Piano and other String combinations
785.752 Quintets for Piano, Strings, and Winds
785.753 Quintets for Piano and Winds
785.754 Quintets for Piano and other combinations
785.755 String Quintets. Quintets for Two Violins, Two Violas, and 'Cello
785.756 Quintets for other String combinations
785.757 Quintets for Strings and Winds
785.758 Woodwind Quintets. Brass Quintets. Quintets for Winds
785.759 Quintets for other combinations
785.76 String Sextets. Sextets for Two Violins, Two Violas and Two 'Cellos
785.761 Sextets for other String combinations
785.762 Sextets for Strings and Winds
785.763 Sextets for Winds
785.764 Sextets for other combinations (without Piano)
785.766 Sextets for Piano and Strings
785.767 Sextets for Piano, Strings and Winds
785.768 Sextets for Piano and Winds
785.769 Sextets for other combinations
785.77 Septets
785.78 Octets for Strings, with or without Piano
785.783 Octets for Winds, with or without Piano
785.785 Octets for Strings and Winds, with or without Piano
785.79 Nonets
785.791 Chamber Orchestra; Ten or more parts
786.22 Harpsichord Music (20th century compositions only)
786.3 Piano methods, technical studies
786.4 Piano Music
786.41 Children's Piano music. Recreational Piano music
786.43 Music for Three Pianos
786.455 Ballet music arranged for Piano
786.46 Popular music for Piano. Light music for Piano
786.47 Piano, 4 hands music
786.471 Children's Piano music, 4 hands
786.48 Two Pianos, 8 hands music
786.481 Children's Two Piano, 8 hands music
786.49 Two Pianos, 4 hands music
786.7 Organ methods, technical studies
786.8 Organ Music
786.9 Harmonium music. Calliope music
786.92 Electronic Keyboard music
787 Bowed Instruments
787.1 Violin methods, technical studies
787.11 Violin music, with or without keyboard
787.12 Two Violins, with or without keyboard
787.13 Three Violins, with or without keyboard
787.14 Four Violins, with or without keyboard
787.2 Viola methods, technical studies
787.21 Viola music, with or without keyboard
787.22 Two Violas, with or without keyboard
787.3 'Cello methods, technical studies
787.31 'Cello music, with or without keyboard
787.32 Two 'Cellos, with or without keyboard
787.4 Double Bass methods, technical studies
787.41 Double Bass music, with or without keyboard
787.42 Two Double Basses, with or without keyboards
787.5 Harp methods, technical studies
787.51 Harp music
787.6 Guitar methods, technical studies
787.61 Guitar music
787.62 Guitar ensemble (2 or more)
787.63 Lute music
787.64 Bass Guitar
787.65 Mandolin music. Ukulele (ukelele) music
787.7 Banjo music
787.8 Zither music. Autoharp music
787.9 Other String instruments, including non-Western
788 Wind music
788.1 Trumpet or Cornet methods, technical studies
788.11 Trumpet or Cornet music, with or without keyboard
788.12 Two Trumpets or Cornets, with or without keyboard
788.2 Trombone methods, technical studies
788.21 Trombone music, with or without keyboard
788.22 Two Trombones, with or without keyboard
788.4 Horn methods, technical studies
788.41 Horn music, with or without keyboard
788.42 Two Horns, with or without keyboard
788.45 Saxophone methods, technical studies
788.451 Saxophone music, with or without keyboard
788.452 Two saxophones, with or without keyboard
788.46 Tuba, Bugle, Flugelhorn methods, technical studies
788.461 Tuba, Bugle, Flugelhorn music, with or without keyboard
788.5 Flute methods, technical studies
788.52 Two flutes, with or without keyboard
788.56 Recorder music, with or without keyboard
788.6 Clarinet methods, technical studies
788.61 Clarinet music, with or without keyboard
788.62 Two Clarinets, with or without keyboard
788.7 Oboe, English Horn methods, technical studies
788.71 Oboe, English Horn music, with or without keyboard
788.72 Two Oboes or English Horns, with or without keyboard
788.8 Bassoon methods, technical studies
788.9 Bagpipe, Accordion, Concertina, Harmonica Methods, Music
789 Percussion, Mechanical Music
789.1 Drum Methods, Music
789.2 Percussion Ensembles, Bands
789.4 Cymbal, Castanet Music
789.5 Bell, Carillon Music
789.6 Mallet Percussion methods, music
789.7 Mechanical Instruments, Barrel Organ
789.8 Music Boxes
789.9 Phonograph, Player piano
789.91 Electronic Music