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"x" indica que se hizo una referencia a otra entrada.
"xx" indica que también se hizo referencia a otra entrada.

A Plus (Rapper)

Abel, David (Violinist)

Abelson, Roger (Concert promoter) 1/10

About Face (A cappella septet)

Acapella Gold (A cappella sextet)

Ackamoor, Idris (Jazz alto saxophonist, composer, producer, actor, tap dancer)
x Cultural Odyssey
x The Pyramids

Adachi, Barbara Curtis (Bunraku theater expert)

Adair, Peter (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Adams, Anne (Harpist)
x Rioth, Douglas

Adams, John (Composer)

Adler, Kurt Herbert (d. Feb 9 1988) (Opera general director, conductor)
xx San Francisco Opera Association (vf)
Current Biography, March 1979

Afanasieva, Svetlana (Ballet Dancer/Teacher)

Aguabella, Francisco (Conga drummer)

Ahlstedt, Douglas (Vocalist)

Aislers Set (Musical group)

Albert, Agnes (Pianist and S. F. Symphony Assn. officer)

Aldrich, Putnam (Harpsichordist and educator)

Alessi, Joseph (Trumpeter)

Alexander, Dave
See: Omar Khayyam

Alive! (Musical group)

Allair, John (Keyboardist)

Allen, Byron (Jazz tenor saxophonist)

Allen, Terry
See artist's vf

Alley, Vernon ( Jazz musician)

Altazor (Musical group)

Altman, Ludwig (Organist)

Amara, Lucine (Vocalist)

American Music Club (Musical group)

American Sensei (Musical group)

Amirkhanian, Charles (Composer)

Ancient Future (Musical group)

Anders, Detlev (Cellist)

Anderson, Beth (Composer)

Anderson, Jack (Theater producer, educator, radio host)
xx Clement Street Cultural Center (vf)

Anger, Darol (Jazz violinist)
xx Turtle Island String Quartet

Anger, Kenneth
See: Moving Pictures (i.e., local films & filmmakers)(vf)
City, April 3-16, 1974, pp. 28-33

Angry Amputees (Musical Group)

Anglim, Philip (Actor)

Apes of God (Musical group)

Apfelbaum, Peter and the Hieroglyphics Ensemble (Musical group)
Option 50 (May/June 1993); 45-48

Araki, Gregg (Filmmaker)

Aranson, Jack (Actor)
x Cummings, Claudia
See also: S.F. City Theatre (vf)

Aratow, Paul (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Arbuckle, Roscoe "Fatty" (Actor)

Armstrong, Louis (Jazz trumpeter)

Arnold, Robert (Filmmaker)

Arora, Kush (Disc Jockey)

Asawa, Brian (Vocalist)

Ash, Paul (Ashenbrenner)(Conductor, vaudevillian)

Asher, Don (Jazz pianist and novelist)

Ashworth, Linda (Violinist)

Asleep at the Wheel (Musical group)
See also: Benson, Ray

Assink, Brent (Director, SF Symphony) 10/10

Atkinson, Nicole (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Attell, Antoinette
See: Toad the Mime

Attix, Karen (Dancer)

Auerbach, David (Musician)

August Collins Duo (Musical group)

Avengers, The (Musical group)
See: Houston, Penelope

Ayres, Dudley
No folder in Art & Music Center
San Francisco History Room
REF 791.405 B78
Broadcast Weekly (August 23 1930): 15-16

Azteca (Musical Group)
xx Santana, Carlos
See also: Escovedo, Pete & Sheila