• The GIC has print copies of U.S. Census Bureau publications going back to 1790. Historical data for San Francisco can be traced back to the 1800s. Genealogy materials for San Francisco up to 1930 are also available. For specific areas of San Francisco, census tracts must be used, which change with each Decennial Census. The GIC has census tract maps beginning with 1940.
  • Race and Ethnic Population Statistics for San Francisco: 1852 and decades 1860 to 2000 (created by the Government Information Center [GIC])
  • 1790-1960 data: University of Virginia Library Geostat Data--search by County Level Data to view San Francisco statistics (entire city only).
  • Historical Census population 1850--2000 [Excel spreadsheet] (be sure to click on the desired tab--Cities or State-Counties--at the bottom of the spreadsheet).
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