Demographic & Economic Statistics - For Specific Areas of San Francisco

Tailored and/or In-Depth Statistics:

Data sets from the U.S. Census Bureau Web site must be used to locate statistics that are more specific or detailed than the quick statistics from the sources listed above (for instance, for "unmarried-partner households" statistics for gay relationships). The detailed 2000 Decennial Census data collected by the Census Bureau, including Census Tracts, is only available online.

Tips: For the types of demographic information collected, see the Census Bureau's Quick Facts. For areas smaller than the entire city of San Francisco, it is recommended to use Census Tracts for the geography type to tailor the geographic area desired for compiling statistics. The GIC has San Francisco maps of Census Tracts for 2000, and tract/block maps are also available via the Association of Bay Area Government's Web site (use the index map, which is the first file #000, to find the relevant detailed maps). The GIC staff can provide guidance with searching the Census Web site.