A group of people, many wearing surgical masks, stand outside in Chinatown and raise their fists as one person speaks into a microphone.

Together We Stand

Photography Exhibition: Three Years of the Chinese Community Fighting COVID, Standing up to Anti-Asian Hatred, and Stimulating the Economy
09 July - 06 November 2022
Chinatown General Floor Area
Chinatown/Him Mark Lai

1135 Powell Street
San Francisco, CA 94108
United States

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In 2020, like many minority communities in the United States, San Francisco’s Chinatown suffered an unprecedented impact on the economy due to the unexpected global epidemic of the century. Anti-Asian hatred, racial discrimination and dramatically increased violence have emerged one after another, making the Chinese community’s experience even worse.

Even though the Chinese community was dealing with various challenges, people have stood together and united as one and actively participated in epidemic prevention, anti-epidemic, anti-discrimination and economic stimulation actions. We actively took and curated a batch of photos to show the stories of Chinatown community’s active self-rescue and self-improvement in the three years of 2020, 2021 and 2022. 

The content includes: Chinatown is the first community in the United States to announce and promote epidemic prevention and control measures; tremendous donations from all parties in the community to fight the epidemic and mobilize disaster relief; self-organized anti-epidemic and anti-discrimination parade; self-administrated economic assistance at Chinatown; Chinese Hospital medical staff provided onsite COVID testing and analyzed the epidemic situation; vaccination locations close to the community; festival activities under the epidemic, etc.

The pandemic has not yet ended! The unpleasant anti-Asian hatred and racial discrimination has not been curbed and is still gradually spreading. The pace of economic recovery is moving forward with difficulties. It’s time for us to re-examine the journey we’ve traveled together through this photo exhibition.


Image: The "They Can't Burn Us All" marches and rallies swept across major cities across the United States, with participants roaring to protest against the hatred and violence against Asian Americans. September 26, 2020, Grant St., Chinatown. Photo by: Weijiang Huang (Sing Tao Daily Reporter)  

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