Golden Voices

Seniors Talk About Their Lives
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San Francisco seniors share their unique life stories and experiences of love, laughter, hardships, persistence and change, in video and photos at a new exhibition at the San Francisco Public Library. The exhibition runs from June 25 until Aug. 25 2010. Come learn about being one of the first male professional ballet dancers in Wales; living in Philippines in the aftermath of World War II; organizing San Francisco's first international film festival; the changes in San Francisco neighborhoods over the years; and much more. The Golden Voices project is co-sponsored by, San Francisco Department of Aging and Adult Services, Cypress Lawn, and the San Francisco Public Library and San Francisco History Center.

A panel discussion, Golden Voices: Capturing Life Stories, will be held on Saturday, Aug. 21, at 2 p.m. It will feature participants from the Golden Voices project as well as oral historians Angela Zusman and Nancy MacKay discussing the collection and archiving of oral histories. A San Francisco History Center program.


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