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Home to the Jobs & Careers Center and Small Business Center,  the Business, Science & Technology Department empowers patrons on professional journeys and caters to the diverse interests of the general public. Explore our specialized collections, including business planning, personal finance, investing and exam preparation. Delve into the culinary world with our cookbook collection, gain insights into vehicle maintenance, nurture your green thumb with gardening resources, stay abreast of the latest in health and wellness, and uncover our extensive collection on computers and information technology.

Additionally, we have books on the following subjects: construction, engineering, manufacturing, insurance, paper money, stamps, transportation, pet care, home & parenting, and real estate. 

Visit us to explore, learn, and grow with our diverse offerings.


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Collections and Resources

Work It Program Series

We cover all the basics from resume writing, job searches, applying for City or State jobs, career transitions, tax preparation, budgeting and more.  Missed a program you wanted to attend?  You can watch some of our most popular programs online. Visit our Work it programs playlist (YouTube)