Green Bookmobile Digs Science

California Academy of Sciences
Event detail
Sun. 9/16/2012, 12:00 noon - 4:00pm
California Academy of Sciences
55 Music Concourse Drive
Stop by the Green Bookmobile during your afternoon in Golden Gate Park, get a library card, check out some good books, and learn about the library.

The Green Bookmobile runs on 20 percent biodiesel and is specially equipped with 4 solar panels, Fantastic Vents for green AC, skylights for natural light, sustainably forested wood, recycled content in carpet, and a hybrid generator (turning off when fully charged and back on when charge gets low). It has a special Green Stacks collection as well as a variety of juvenile, teen and adult materials available for check out with an SFPL library card.

注: 這個活動不在圖書館內進行,如有問題請同主持這個活動的分館聯繫。 流動圖書館/ 流動外展服務.


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