"Quotation Marks"

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The members of Plexus Art Group make art that sheds light on social and political issues, such as the importance of literacy. For this current exhibition entitled “QuotationMarks”, each artist selected a favorite quote and created an artwork in response to it. Using a range of techniques and materials, the images reflect varying interpretations from personal to metaphoric.

The group was formed 7 years ago and all of its members reside in the Bay Area.


Gallery of Illustrious Queers: Portraits by Jordan Reznick
星期二, 2019年10月22日, 6:00 pm
Main 總圖書館, Hormel 中心
Freestyle Watercolor Painting
星期四, 2019年10月24日, 2:00 pm
Ocean View 分館, Ocean View 分館會議室
Mission Murals Tour
星期六, 2019年10月26日, 2:00 pm
Mission 分館, Mission 公眾範圍



星期四, 2019年10月24日, 6:30 pm
Mission 分館, Mission 公眾範圍
Watercolor Tape Painting
星期日, 2019年11月3日, 3:00 pm
Potrero 分館, Potrero 分館會議室


至 星期日, 2019年10月20日
Main 總圖書館, Jewett 畫廊
10 Years of the SFAC Galleries Passport Event
至 星期四, 2020年1月2日
Main 總圖書館, 藝術、音樂及娛樂展覽中心