Awakening the Power of Self Healing

With Meir Schneider
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Meir Schneider, Founder of the School for Self-Healing in San Francisco, will share insights from his new book, Awakening the Power of Self-Healing, and lead us in some self-healing exercises.

Meir Schneider's techniques can lead us to take active control of our own health through an accessible, natural, and life-affirming regimen of exercises for physical, mental, and spiritual balance. His successes inspired this Self Healing Series at West Portal!

Born blind, Meir Schneider eventually learned to heal himself, regaining enough vision to drive a car legally without glasses! He has shared and honed his techniques at his School for Self-Healing in San Francisco for over 30 years. Join us for this inspiring adventure in healing.

His previous books include Vision for Life and Movement for Self-Healing.

This is a Food, Health & Wellness program from SFPL. Try out new foods or a new healthy activity.

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