Living Here: A Celebration of Bioregions

Planet Drum Foundation Exhibit
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Call it a bioregion, a life place or just simply local. We are part of the places we live.

Planet Drum Foundation defined “bioregions” as life places, often bounded by a watershed, where nature and humans coexist. The question, “Who are we, where are we and what are we going to do about it?” recognized that natural systems are always the basis for culture and long term sustainability.  Learning to restore and maintain them is essential to our continued existence.

Planet Drum’s Bay Area projects range from sidewalk and rooftop gardens to gatherings of urban and rural activists. Volunteer work parties, hands on education in the schools, recycled art projects and fashion shows, celebrations of “things that really work,” and the multifaceted Green City Project including the Green City Calendar and Earth Block at Carnaval--all aimed at improving the way we inhabit this place together.  Mapping workshops helped people discover their local watersheds and ecology, and organize around community based projects.

This exhibit follows Planet Drum, the original voice for bioregional sustainability, education and culture, as it explores life-places using art, poetry, humor, manifestos, theater, publications and politics.

If society can pole vault over the wall of climate change horror and transition to more sustainability the bioregion is the place to land.

Planet Drum Foundation

This is a Green Stacks event sponsored by the San Francisco Department of the Environment.

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