Embracing The Love: LGBTQ Films From Southeast Asia

Presented by F A C I N E Filipino Arts & Cinema International
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Embracing the Love

This film series will explore the diversity, family dynamics, and narratives of coming out or being out. The intersections and transnationalism of Southeast Asia's vast geopolitical, religious, and socio-cultural diversity don't guarantee the promotion of civil liberties, especially gender and sexual diversity. Selected films highlight experiences of family acceptance and honor, tribulations of LGBTQ identified persons in Southeast Asia and the Southeast Asian diaspora in America. Co-presented by F A C I N E Filipino Arts & Cinema International, James C. Hormel LGBTQIA and Filipino American Centers of the San Francisco Public Library.

JUNE 2   Doors open: 12:30 p.m., Film showings: 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

EmakEmak Dari Jambi  38 min.  Indonesia, 2015.  Directors: Anggun Pradesha & Ricky M. Fajar.  Bahasa Indonesia with English subtitles.   A mother from Jambi, a province in central Sumatra travels to Jakarta and confronts the revelations of her child's life, as a transgender in the city. Between her Islamic values and her unconditional love for her child, this is a heartwarming story of love, truth, and acceptance.  

BestBest. Partee. Ever.  116 min.  Philippines, 2018  Director: HF Yambao.  Tagalog with English subtitles.   Mikey - a young, discreet gay man from the affluent class, spends five years in a city jail while hearing his case for drug pushing. Inside the prison, Mikey holds back to adapt to the culture and stratification among inmates. Eventually, Mikey becomes a 'mayor' (ring leader) to a group of gay inmates called Gang-da. Together they thrive to survive the dangers of several gang riots, the mundane, and decay of human dignity.

LoveLove In The Factory: Cambodia's Underground LGBTQ Community  10 min.   Cambodia, 2018.   Distributor: The Journeyman Pictures.   Khmer with English subtitles.   Cambodia does not tolerate LGBT individuals, and gay marriage is illegal. Pressured into conforming to heterosexual expectations, many LGBT women seek refuge by going to work in garment factories.

HanoiHanoi Love  10 min.    Vietnam, 2016,   Director: Bùi Hoàng Long.   Vietnamese with English subtitles.   Hanoi Love is a video series depicting stories of love and acceptance from the LGBTQ community and their families, friends, and lovers. The series shows that those who identify as LGBTQ are someone's children, friends, and family members, they the same as everybody else and should not be excluded from society.

NuocNuoc  5 min.   USA, 2017.   Director: Quyen Nguyen Le.   Vietnamese & English with subtitles.   Nước (Water/Homeland) is an experimental narrative short film about a queer Vietnamese American teen who attempts to piece together and understand their mom's experience as a Vietnam War refugee. The journey pulls us into a fantastical series of iconic historical photographs, ultimately highlighting the complexity of understanding another's experiences and instead opens up possibilities for building relationships based on presence and co-existence.

Total Running Time: 179 min.

This program is free and open to the public.

This is a Films & Videos program from SFPL. From feature films to youth-made videos, we’ve got something great to watch.

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