Author Talk: Useful Phrases for Immigrants

by May-lee Chai
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Celebrate May-lee Chai's latest short story collection Useful Phrases for Immigrants. In the title story of this timely and innovative collection, a young woman wearing a Prada coat attempts to redeem a coupon for plastic storage bins while her in-laws are at home watching the Chinese news and taking her private phone calls. It May-lee Chaiis the lively and wise juxtaposition of cultures, generations, and emotions that characterize May-lee Chai's amazing stories. With hearts that break and sometimes mend, with families who fight and sometimes forgive, the timely stories in Useful Phrases for Immigrants illuminate complicated lives with empathy and passion.

Photo: Bob Hsiang

"With insight, compassion, and clarity, Chai vividly illustrates the reverberations of migration--both physical and psychological; between countries, cities, and generations; and within families and individuals. You won't forget these characters." --Lisa Ko, author of The Leavers

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