ASL Book Club

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Deaf Bookworms – come to the Main library of San Francisco Public Library to talk about books with other deaf bookworms in ASL!  This program is intended for those who are deaf or hard of hearing and use ASL.

We will meet every first Wednesday of the month.

Contact Jerry Kapsner at or Deaf Services at 415-625-9082 videophone.

ASL fingerspelled

This event will be in American Sign Language.

The Main Library is wheelchair accessible.  To request other accommodations, call (415) 557-4557 or contact  Requesting accommodations at least three working days in advance will help ensure availability.


Our Favorite Readings
星期六, 2019年8月24日, 1:30 pm
Sunset 分館, Sunset Program Room
Marina Branch Book Club
星期日, 2019年8月25日, 2:00 pm
Marina 分館, Marina 分館兒童活動室
星期一, 2019年8月26日, 3:30 pm
Ortega 分館, Ortega 公眾範圍



Great Books Discussion Group of West Portal
星期三, 2019年8月28日, 6:30 pm
West Portal 分館, West Portal 兒童室開放時間