Pumpkin Decoration

Event detail

Paint, decorate pumpkins with the TechMobile at the San Francisco Botanical Garden.  We will have stencils and various tools for fun and creative fall nature craft.  Our staff will bring our paper/ vinyl machine cutter to create your own personal stencils. 

The program continues with a garden tour to explore the autumn colors. 

Note: We will meet at the bookmobile parked outside the San Francisco Botanical Garden, 1199 9th Avenue. 

注: 這個活動不在圖書館內進行,如有問題請同主持這個活動的分館聯繫。 流動圖書館/ 流動外展服務.


星期二, 2019年11月19日, 9:30 am
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星期二, 2019年11月19日, 10:30 am
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星期二, 2019年11月19日, 2:00 pm