Computer-based Assistive Technology: FAQ #3

Who may use these resources?

Anyone may use the talking public access terminals; priority is given to persons with disabilities. The personal computer workstations with assistive technology are restricted to persons with disabilities who have met with the Learning Differences Librarian or the Access Services Manager. Each user must have a valid San Francisco Public Library card. Contact the Learning Differences Librarian at 557-4540 or the Access Services Manager at 557-4557.

What type of assistance does the library provide for users of computer-based assistive technology?

Staff will show users how to start the computer programs from the menu, how to print, how to scan in documents and will try to help if a problem arises. It is strongly encouraged that users have basic computer skills and familiarity with the keyboard and mouse.

SFPL staff does not provide actual training on how to use these computer programs. Users can learn them on their own, request the assistance of an in-library volunteer or enroll in a training program outside of the library. Staff can provide a list of training resources during your user interview. It is important to note that the level of complexity for each computer program varies. Some, such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking, can require several hours of training. If you are a skilled user and would like to volunteer your time to train other potential users, please contact the Learning Differences Librarian at 557-4540.

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