125º Aniversario: Exposición de Fotos

image by Amy Lawrence
RV-100 Amy Lawrence

Title: For the Vandals
Vandalism does not obliterate. People who destroy often revive. This piece, entitled For the Vandals, speaks to many issues. The book’s skeleton is nailed firmly to the bottom of the overturned garbage can, which is adorned with crudely torn and fastened pages— the body of the book. The destruction of this book cannot be ignored; it will not be thrown away. The characters adorning the can’s surface are amalgamations of ethnicity, gender, culture religion and time. What one imagines being disparate pairings are rendered for speculation. What if Jesus had tattoos? What if Mother Mary judged tattoo competitions? Scraps of book cut by the vandals have been incorporated into the piece—it is a piece that couldn’t have been done without them. i

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