Race in the Public Eye

How Do You See Race?
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Race in the Public Eye is an online, digital exhibit housed on Facebook (facebook.com/raceinthepubliceye). The exhibit is a public discussion on race which aims to explore how our communities see race as it is enacted and lived daily in San Francisco, the greater Bay Area and beyond. Race in the Public Eye is a modern take on photojournalism; the exhibit will include still images, text, video clips and sound.

Now Accepting Open Submissions!

What does race means to you? We invite you to submit your work and contribute to the discussion on race in your community and beyond.

How to Submit Content

  1. Visit the exhibition page at facebook.com/raceinthepubliceye
  2. Upload your photo or video to the page.
  3. In the post description area, please include a short bio and explanation of the work.
  4. The content will be reviewed by a site administrator before going live.
  5. Once the content is approved, it will appear on the “feed” of the page and will also be included the ‘Race in the Public Eye Exhibit’ Facebook album on the page.
  6. We encourage you to share your post with your family, friends and contacts!

Submission Guidelines

  • No Nudity
  • No disrespecting of any culture, religion or ethnicity
  • All images must be owned by the person submitting
  • Submitted work must be accompanied by a short bio and textual explanation of the work

If you’d like to submit your materials in person or for more information about the exhibit, please contact Stewart Shaw at stewart.shaw@sfpl.org / (415) 557-4518.

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