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El Mundo de la Ecología

Esta lista es sólo una muestra de los títulos disponibles. Los bibliotecarios de las Salas de Niños te pueden sugerir más títulos y después dinos cuáles son tus favoritos.


An Egg Is Quiet
Aston, Diana Hutts. Illus. by Sylvia Long.
Lavish illustrations accompany lyrical text about all kinds of eggs in the world. Readers will linger over the artwork and discover many fascinating facts.  Ages 4-8
j591.468 ASTO
Common Ground: The Water, Earth and Air We Share
Bang, Molly.
By using a simple parable about sheep and the commons upon which they graze, Bang explains that we humans must learn to use our resources wisely or we will be left with nothing.  Ages 8-12.  For younger children, My Light (j621.47 BANG)
j363.7 BANG
Tiger Rescue: Changing the Future for Endangered Wildlife
Bortolotti, Dan. 
Detailed introduction to these solitary, adaptable predators, with emphasis on worldwide efforts to help them survive in the wild.  Ages 9+
j599.756 BORT
Dinosaurs to the Rescue! A Guide to Protecting Our Planet.
Brown, Laurene Krasny and Marc Brown.
This down-to-earth book details simple things kids can do every day to help conserve resources and improve the environment.  Ages 4-8
j333.72 BROW
Green Thumbs: A Kid’s Activity Guide to Indoor and Outdoor Gardening.
Carlson, Laurie.
From re-using milk cartons to making non-toxic bug spray, there are activities aplenty here to fascinate and inspire children to grow their own gardens.  Ages 6-10
j635 CARL
How We Know What We Know about Our Changing Climate: Scientists and Kids Explore Global Warming
Cherry, Lynne. Photos. by Gary Braasch
Discover the science behind the headlines with evidence from flowers, butterflies, birds, frogs and more gathered by scientists around the world.  Ages 9+
j551.6 CHER
Chin, Jason
A mysterious book transports a boy through a forest of the world's tallest trees and their ecosystem.  Ages 5-9
j585.5 CHIN
Come Back, Salmon: How a Group of Dedicated Kids Adopted Pigeon Creek and Brought It Back to Life
Cone, Molly Photos. by Sidnee Wheelwright. 
A fifth grade class cleans up rubbish, nurtures coho salmon eggs in a tank, tests water quality, then releases the year-old smolt into the creek...with inspiring results for the whole community!  Ages 8-11
j639.3 CONE
The Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming
David, Laurie and Cambria Gordon
The authors fully define "global warming," discuss extreme weather conditions and animal extinction, and suggest what you can do to protect the climate. See also: Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth: The Crisis of Global Warming (j363.7387 GORE 2007), adapted from his documentary and adult book.  Ages 9-13
j363.7387 DAVI
A Grand Old Tree
DePalma, Mary Newel
Simple text and colorful artwork celebrate the life cycle of one tree and all the animals that share in its bounty. For older readers: Barbara Bash's Tree Tales series introduces the African baobab (j582 BASH), desert saguaro cactus (j583 BASH), and Indian banyan (j583.962 BASH).  Ages 3-7
j582.16 DEPA
The Wolves Are Back
George, Jean Craighead. Illus. by Wendell Minor.
Learn about the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park and the many beneficial consequences that have occurred. For older readers: Dorothy Hinshaw Patent's When the Wolves Returned (j599.7731 PATE).  Ages 6-9
j599.773 GEOR
Nature's Art Box
Martin, Laura C. Illus. by David Cain
Enjoy making 65 easy-to-challenging craft projects, all using readily available natural materials such as shells, pinecones and gourds.  Ages 9-13
j745.5 MART
True Green Kids: 100 Things You Can Do to Save the Planet
McKay, Kim and Jenny Bonnin
This practical and informative guide introduces four Rs for cleaning up the environment: reduce, reuse, recycle, and rethink, beginning with your own room!  See also: 50 Simple Things That Kids Can Do To Save the Earth (j363.7052 FIFT) Ages 8+
j363.7052 MCKA
Organic Crafts: 75 Earth-Friendly Art Activities
Monaghan, Kimberly
Projects with natural and reusable resources, labeled for younger and older crafters. All encourage outdoor observation and collecting. From the same publisher: Fiona Danks' Nature's Playground: Activities, Crafts and Games to Encourage Children To Get Outdoors (j796.5 DANK) Ages 3-9
j745.5 MONA
One Good Apple: Growing Our Food for the Sake of the Earth
Paladino, Catherine
Pesticides and herbicides can contaminate food and harm people and animals, but Paladino shows how organically grown foods nourish the soil, and us!  Ages 9-13
j363.7384 PALA
Why Are the Ice Caps Melting? The Dangers of Global Warming
Rockwell, Anne. Illus. by Paul Meisel.
Explains the "greenhouse effect" for younger readers and suggests things to do to help keep the earth healthy.  Ages 5-9
j363.7387 ROCK
A Life in the Wild: George Schaller's Struggle to Save the Last Great Beasts.f
Turner, Pamela S
Celebrates the 50+ year career of an outstanding animal scientist and advocate for preserving animal habitats worldwide. His study of animals in the wild was groundbreaking.  Ages 10-13
j590.92 SCHA
A Drop of Water: A Book of Science and Wonder
Wick, Walter
Dramatic, magnified photos bring into focus the wonder of water, without which no living thing can survive.  Ages 8-11
j546.22 WICK


Green Boy
Cooper, Susan
While bemoaning the development of a resort on their Bahamian island, two brothers find themselves drawn into a parallel world where over-development has turned everything concrete gray and only the younger boy can save it.  Ages 9-12
The City of Ember. 
DuPrau, Jeanne
An unexplained ecological disaster has forced humankind into an underground city. But as the city's life support systems break down, two kids realize they must find a way out.  Ages 10+
Fleischman, Paul. Illus. by Judy Pedersen.
Told from different perspectives, Fleischman weaves a tale of the growth of an urban community garden.  Ages 9+ 
My Side of the Mountain. 
George, Jean Craighead
Sam runs away from his crowded New York City apartment to live off the land for a year in the Catskill Mountains. Full of fascinating detail of his daily life!  See sequels and other environmental titles by this author.  (also available in Spanish)  Ages 9+
Hiaasen, Carl
A boy and his spunky little sister uncover a floating casino's dirty secret.  Also: Hoot (jF HIAA)  Ages 10+
Judy Moody Saves the World!
McDonald, Megan. Illus. by Peter H. Reynolds.
Impatient for results, a third grader learns that while it's not easy, it's very satisfying to help save the planet.  (also available in Spanish)  Ages 7-10
The Beasties. 
Sleator, William
Why are people who live on the edge of a clear cut forest losing various body parts? Doug and his sister discover the brutal revenge of nature.  Ages 9-12 
Sammy Keyes and the Wild Things
Van Draanen, Wendelin.  The middle school sleuth joins a Girl Scout hiking and camping trip where they find a baby condor shot and its mother missing.  Ages 10+ 

Picture Books

The Sun Is My Favorite Star. 
Asch, Frank
With colorful illustrations, Asch celebrates the many gifts from our closest star.  Ages 3-6 
Where the Forest Meets the Sea
Baker, Jeannie
A boy tells of his day in the rain forest by the Great Barrier Reef. Superb collage art brings this far away location to life and shows alarming changes that have taken place over time.  Also: Home (jPS BAKE); Window (jPS BAKE).  Ages 5+ 
Eco Babies Wear Green
Colman, Michelle Sinclair. Illus. by Nathalie Dion.  
An amusing look at how even the youngest child can participate in earth-friendly activities.  Ages Birth-2 
Pie in the Sky
Ehlert, Lois
A cherry tree provides safe haven and food for many animals as well as the tasty filling for pie.  Ages 4-8 
Where Once There Was a Wood
Fleming, Denise
Nature is swallowed by a housing development. But, rather than ending on this dismal note, Fleming gives extensive tips on how to create a nature habitat in your own yard.  Ages 4-8
One Little Seed. 
Greenstein, Elaine
Short phrases describe a loving journey from seed to flower.  Ages 1-4
Whose Garden Is It?
Hoberman, Mary Ann. Illus. by Jane Dyer.
In addition to the gardener, many creatures share the garden, each thinking it is his property alone.  Ages 3-7
Earth Mother
Jackson, Ellen. Illus. by Leo and Diane Dillon.
While tending earth's plants and animals, an African Earth Mother hears complaints from man, frog and mosquito whose interdependence doesn't please any of them. Ages 4-8
The Great Trash Bash
Leedy, Loreen
The mayor of Beaston leads his animal citizens in recycling their trash and making the town more beautiful.  Ages 3-6 
I Stink!
McMullan, Kate. Illus. by Jim McMullan.
A ravenous garbage truck gobbles up trash early in the morning in the big city. Ages 2-6 
Our Community Garden
Pollack, Barbara
A young girl and her friends participate in their San Francisco neighborhood garden and reap the rewards of a successful vegetable harvest.  Ages 3-6 
Welcome, Brown Bird
Ray, Mary Lyn. Illus. by Peter Sylvada.
Two boys, one in North America, one in South America, insist that their fathers not cut down the trees that are home to a migrating wood thrush whose song they both love.  Ages 4-8 
The Lorax
Seuss, Dr
In his familiar nonsense verse, Seuss delivers an ecological fable about the impact on the environment of cutting down all the trees in an area. (also available in Spanish) Ages 5+ 
Just a Dream
Van Allsburg, Chris
Tucked safely in his bed, Walter travels into the future at night, seeing problems if he continues his polluting ways.  Ages 5-9 
Trashy Town
Zimmerman, Andrea and David Clemesha. Illus. by Dan Yaccarino.
Mr. Gilly has a great day cleaning up the garbage in Trashy Town.  Ages 2-5 

Poetry and Folklore

The Big Book for Our Planet
Edited by Anne Durell, Jean Craighead George and Katherine Paterson
More than 40 authors and illustrators of children's books pay homage to the Earth. Ages 8+
j810.8035 BIG
Looking for Jaguar and Other Rain Forest Poems
Katz, Susan. Illus. by Lee Christiansen. 
Lush paintings and clever verse bring to life the amazing animals and plants of the world's rain forests.  Ages 7-10
j811.54 KATZ
Earth Care: World Folktales to Talk About. 
Macdonald, Margaret Read
A noted folklorist and storyteller offers stories, proverbs and sayings that show how human actions affect the earth.  Ages 8+ 
j398.2 EART
The People Who Hugged the Trees: An Environmental Folk Tale
Rose, Deborah Lee. Illus. by Birgitta Saflund.
  Retelling of a tale from India in which the villagers at the edge of a desert bravely protect their forest from the Maharajah's tree-cutters.  Ages 5-8 
j398 ROSE
The Sun in Me: Poems About the Planet
Compiled by Judith Nicholls. Illus. by Beth Krommes. 
An anthology of poems from many cultures that celebrates the beauty and awe inspired by the earth.  Ages 6-9
j808.9193 SUN
Color Me a Rhyme: Nature Poems for Young People
Yolen, Jane. Photos. by Jason Stemple.
Poetic responses to her son's photographs highlight nature's colors.  Ages 8+ 
j811.54 YOLE


Miss Lady Bird's Wildflowers: How a First Lady Changed America
Appelt, Kathy. Illus. by Joy Fisher Hein.
 President Lyndon Johnson's wife made her own mark, urging that native wildflowers be planted in cities and along interstate highways and founding the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Research Center in Austin, Texas.  Ages 5-9 
Julia Butterfly Hill: Saving the Redwoods
Fitzgerald, Dawn
Read about the young woman who lived 185 feet up in a tree for two years to save it from being cut down.  Ages 6-9 
John Muir: America's First Environmentalist
Lasky, Kathryn. Illus. by Stan Fellows.
From his childhood in Scotland, Muir found excitement and joy in nature. He walked thousands of miles across America, saw Yosemite National Park created, and founded the Sierra Club in 1892. Ages 5-10 
Rachel Carson : a twentieth-century life
Levine, Ellen
In 1961, before there was an environmental revolution, biologist Carson published Silent Spring, sounding the alarm about the toxicity of pesticides. Here is her life story, part of the Up Close series. For younger readers: Amy Ehrlich's Rachel: The Story of Rachel Carson (jB CARS). Ages 11+ 
Light Shining Through the Mist: A Photobiography of Dian Fossey
Matthews, Tom
Chronicles the adventures of the San Francisco native who devoted her life to studying mountain gorillas in Rwanda and saving them from poachers.  Ages 9-12 
Planting the Trees of Kenya: The Story of Wangari Maathai
Nivola, Claire A.
  By mobilizing the local women and planting trees, the 2004 Nobel laureate has restored Kenya's ecosystem and economy. See also: Jeanette Winter's Wangari's Trees of Peace (j333.7209 WINT).  Ages 5-9