Friday, 4/9/2021
1:30 - 3:00
Virtual Library

Online Services
San Francisco, CA 94102
United States

Establish a money management system that works for your personal needs. Learn how to become debt free and financially independent over time by managing your cash flow. This is the second of a 4-part personal finance series for young adults and families.  

Event speaker: Carly Matthews, CFEI, and Carrie Friedberg, MA, FBS ® and CFC

Carly Matthews is a certified financial education instructor. She has been a financial literacy advocate for over twenty years working with organizations such as Junior Achievement, Girl Scouts, BizWorld, Full Circle Fund, Bay Area Financial Education Foundation, Creative Wealth International and the JumpStart Coalition. Matthews has participated in roundtable discussions at the SEC Office of the Investor Advocate, the Saks Fifth Avenue Fearless Women Speaker Series and the Advisory Board for Junior Achievement. She speaks on behalf of multiple organizations to empower individuals to take control of their personal finances.

Carrie Friedberg, MA, is a psychology-informed Certified Financial Coach and Certified Financial Behavior Specialist®. Since 2010, Friedberg has been coaching individuals, families, companies and small business owners around the world. She guides people in a holistic and practical approach to creating a healthy and sustainable relationship with money. Friedberg has an extensive background in mindfulness and education. She has been featured by the US News, Forbes and Oprah and many other media outlets. Friedberg has consulted with Visa, Macy’s, Google, University of San Francisco, Kansas State University and UC Berkeley. She is a member of the Financial Therapy Association and the Financial Psychology Institute. 

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