Saturday, 5/8/2021
3:00 - 4:30
Virtual Library

Online Services
San Francisco, CA 94102
United States

Bay Area artists Mark Jayson Quines, Narissa Lee and Pyxie Castillo showcase their art forms—ranging from photography, printmaking, painting, illustration and film—to discuss how they view and use art as a vehicle for social and political change, especially amid recent Anti-Asian violence and political turmoil in the Bay Area, the US and abroad.  

Mark Jayson Quines works with photography to explore contemporary subcultures. His works feature cultural iconic themes that deal with value, commerce and identity. In his first solo exhibition NOBODY, Michael Jordan is a metaphorical vehicle connecting his ubiquitous image through ephemera and people in urban communities. As a universally celebrated figure, worth is questioned within his likeness in objects and imagery. Other projects to follow consider converging interest within his youth and current observations of having been born and raised in the Bay Area.

Narissa Lee is a filmmaker producing digital and online content and films. Her short films have screened in film festivals stateside and internationally, garnering audience awards for Best Short Film. Lee would like to use film to reverse climate change, depose corrupt leaders and oligarchic rule and cultivate community resilience as well as international solidarity. 

Pyxie Castillo is a Filipino American activist and artist. Using writing, printmaking, painting and both digital and traditional illustration, Castillo tries to convey concepts of liberation and national democracy with a socialist perspective. Inspired largely by the Filipino people's struggle for genuine and lasting peace in the Philippines and by Korean artists BTS.

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