Sunday, 6/13/2021
2:00 - 3:00
Virtual Library

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San Francisco, CA 94102
United States

Takes on Romeo and Juliet, directed by Chris Steele, imagines the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet as we assume it should be played, followed by directorial ‘takes’ based on gender norms in the 16th, 19th and 21st centuries. Director Steele discusses their vision that there's no "right way" to perform or appreciate Shakespeare. By questioning the heteronormativity of 20th-century versions of the play, the three takes look at how casting has changed over the centuries and highlight the role of gender-queerness in understanding the play and its language.

The screening of Takes on Romeo and Juliet is followed by a live Q&A with director Steele.


Watch the commentary by Chris Steele and preview of Takes on Romeo and Juliet.


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