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Wednesday, 9/22/2021
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The RED HOTEL series continues with Red Deception by noted thriller writer Gary Grossman and global executive Ed Fuller.


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When terrorists bomb bridges that cross the Potomac, the Mississippi, Pittsburgh’s three rivers, and the Lincoln Tunnel under the Hudson, America realizes how vulnerable we are. Hoover Dam could be next, threatening energy and water services throughout the Southwest. All of the attacks had been predicted in a secret U.S. State Department Bureau of Intelligence report written years earlier, a virtual blueprint for disaster, somehow leaked and now in the hands of foreign operatives. Who is responsible? While Washington is distracted domestically, Russian President Nicolai Gorshkov sends troops to the borders of Ukraine and Latvia, ready to move in.


Ed Fuller is CEO of Laguna Strategic Advisors, a global consortium providing business consulting services worldwide. He has served on both business and charitable boards during his forty-year career with Marriott International where he was chief marketing officer followed by 22 years as president and managing director of Marriott International.


Gary Grossman’s first novel, Executive Actions, propelled him into the world of geopolitical thrillers. Executive Treason, Executive Command and Executive Force further tapped Grossman’s experience as a journalist, newspaper columnist, documentary television producer, reporter and media historian.