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Presented by Sony Artisans: Scott Robert Lim and Zabrina Deng
Monday, 2/28/2022
7:00 - 8:00

Master photographers share their tips and how to capture amazing images from any camera. The best camera is the one with you! Whether you have a smartphone or a professional mirrorless camera, great photos depend so much more on technology but your vision and photography IQ. This course covers the essential skills needed to take great photos regardless of your experience, everyone will learn from this series. This is a golden opportunity to learn from some of the most well respected photographers in the world.


Lesson 2: Posing Couples and Groups 

At some point, almost every photographer is asked to take portraits or perhaps even shoot a wedding. This class will focus on how to take romantic and breathtaking portraits that will enhance the beauty of your subjects and tell a compelling story. Learn how to pose with these simple to follow techniques that will WOW and take the mystery out of posing. 


March 28, 7 p.m., Lesson 3: How to Post Process your Images

Learn the techniques award-winning photographers use to create breathtaking images that quickly capture attention and tell a story. This class will cover the essential skills needed to create impact and bring out your pictorial story. Also learn how to organize and safely store all your images with an efficient workflow. 


April 25, 7 p.m., Lesson 4: Composition

All great photos have great composition. Learn the basics of how and why to arrange the elements of your images to create not only a better story but it can create a signature style. Learn how to use different angles, shapes and perspectives to take compelling images. Learn how to see our world in a different and creative way, like a master photographer. 


May 7 p.m., Photo Walk, day and time to be announced

Putting it all together. Don’t miss this chance to go on a live photo walk with a master photographer and see how to use these techniques in the real world. See how to turn ordinary places into extraordinary photos.


About the Instructors

Scott Robert Lim photoScott Robert Lim is a Sony Artisan and international master photographer and educator and has over 70 international awards to his name, including Top Ten Most Influential, Kodak Award, World's Top Wedding Photographers and has been a judge at many international photography competitions. His work has been published and viewed by thousands around the world and is a popular international speaker. Since 2006, he has dedicated his career to developing world-class photographers and loves teaching students of all levels. He has an energetic and charismatic speaking style and is an industry leader in photography education.


Scott Robert - Website | Scott Robert - Instagram

Zabrina Deng portrait

Zabrina Deng, based in California,  is the soul of JeZa Photography. She has travelled the world shoot wedding, engagement and portrait photography.  Deng  is a SONY Artisans of Imagery and is a WPPI master photographer.  Deng is one of the Top 50 World's Best Destination Wedding photographers from Junebug Weddings and has been featured on RangeFinder Magazine's 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography. She is a six time first place winner and two time International Image of the Year award winner.  Her work has been published in Vanity Fair (USA), Town & Country (Thailand), Cosmopolitan Bride (China), Elle (Hong Kong), Stuff Magazine (UK) and Vogue Italia's Photo Vogue.  Deng photographed the Grammy Award winner R&B band All-4-One for their 20th anniversary album CD cover.  She is a popular speaker and educator at major photographic conferences across America and Asia.


Zabrina Deng - Website | Zabrina Deng - Instagram