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Create a supershero after brainstorming what makes someone heroic. Instructor Karen Luk combines drawing techniques, basic story structure and incorporates discussion on heroic elements to help focus on character design. Consider what makes a supershero based on power, weakness, environment, species and age. Bring your ideas to share your story and drawing questions for Luk to answer after the drawing demonstration. Space limited. For ages 10 and older.

Gather the following supplies and tools ahead of time:

  • pencil
  • eraser
  • blank paper

Watch on YouTube. 


Karen Luk is a drawer of words, writer of images and occasional instructor in the Bay Area, California. She creates manga inspired comics. At state and national conferences, she has presented on manga origins, anime history and comics as a storytelling medium. The Cartoon Art Museum and Google have exhibited her art work. She has taught comic drawing workshops at museums and public libraries. She is a graduate of the California College of Art and located in San Jose, CA. Currently, she is developing a graphic novel and a crowdfunding campaign for her next illustration project.

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