Sunday Sojourn Cinema Series
Sunday, 6/12/2022
2:00 - 4:15
Potrero Meeting Room

1616 20th Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
United States

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Fodor's, Lonely Planet and Rick Steves travel guides are flying from library shelves. To encourage patron wanderlust, Potrero Branch launches the Sunday Sojourn Cinema Series with Roman Holiday.

"Hey Joe, we can't go running all over town with a hot princess!" In this romantic comedy, Princess Ann (Audrey Hepburn) leaves her crown at the palace to explore Rome as an almost ordinary citizen. Newspaperman, Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck) and photographer, Irving Radovich (Eddie Albert) play conspiratorial tour guides to her accidental tourist, recording her every move to sell their story. Guest stars include:The Trevi Fountain, gelato at the Spanish Steps, a runaway Vespa and the Mouth of Truth as liar detector.

G, 118 mins., 1953. 

Director: William Wyler

Stars: Audrey Hepburn (Oscar for best actress), Gregory Peck, Eddie Albert

First film of the Sunday Sojourn Cinema Series, Potrero Branch, June 12–August 31, 2022

A vagabond-spirited door prize will be raffled off when the film ends.