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Tutorial: UDN (Chinese eBooks)
Saturday, 7/30/2022
11:00 - 12:30
Computer Training Center - 5th Fl
Main Library

100 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
United States

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學習如何使用網上讀書館進行閱讀.   歡迎來上課, 免費.   請帶您的智能手機或平板電腦, 現場練習.  

 UDN (United Daily News聯合報)是一個繁體中文電子書平台, 包括熱門小說 (愛情、武俠、偵探、推理等)及非小說 (健康、旅遊、食譜、電腦、商業、歷史、語言學習、傳記、漫畫等),也有兒童和青少年的電子書。

UDN is a Chinese eBook platform that allows you to access popular titles covering business, health, current events, and more. Learn how to access eBooks from UDN in this introductory session. Bring your iPhone, iPad or other mobile device to the free training to download the UDN app.