A partnership with Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in San Francisco
Saturday, 10/1/2022
10:30 - 12:30
Richmond Meeting Room
Richmond/Senator Milton Marks

351 9th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94118
United States

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This is an introductory 8-week course to Mandarin conversations. This is a beginner class for those who have only limited to no prior experience of Mandarin. This class will introduce students to Mandarin pronunciation, tones, basic grammar patterns, and conversation. Students will have an opportunity to learn about topics including family, professionals, hobbies, dining and traveling. During classes, we will also introduce Taiwanese culture and include some hand-on activities. 

PeiShan Jian, a Taiwanese native, has received her teaching certification in Mandarin since 2019. She enjoys working with adult learners and non-native speakers in learning Mandarin. She enjoys teaching Mandarin conversations and Taiwanese culture through TV dramas, movies and food. Teacher PeiShan is also an enthusiastic language learner herself and likes to help students to speak Mandarin with confidence. 

Registration required. Register at Richmond's Adult Reference Desk.

Please Note: This series was planned to begin on October 1st; due to illness, it will now begin October 8th. A make up session will be scheduled at a later date.