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Thursday, 3/30/2023
9:00 - 6:00

Get matched with a pro bono CFP® to create a financial plan and achieve your goals. 

You will co-design a personalized plan and receive ongoing support by meeting multiple times with your financial planner as you implement your plan. There’s no catch—the advisers can’t sell you anything or take you as their client. They're just there to listen and help.   


It only takes five minutes to sign up, so you have a plan to:   

  • Pay off debt sooner 

  • Figure out investing 

  • Plan for retirement 

  • Save for the future 

  • Boost emergency savings 


People who qualify are: 

  • Single with no dependents, not earning more than $100,000/year and have 
    less than $250,000 in total savings  

  • Single with dependents or married (with or without dependents), not earning more than $150,000/year and have less than $250,000 in total savings. 


    Advisors Give Back