Rules for Municipal Use Page 4

Main Library

  • Basic Room Use: Access and basic use of meeting rooms during regular hours of operation and with the ‘mainstay’ furniture set-up are free of charge, (see Room Set-Up Work Order Form for the default and optional room set-ups).
  • Special Room Use: (See Meeting Room Fee Checklist for charges associated with staff time in providing the following support service for special room use):
  1. Custodial Support Service for special room configurations & refreshment allowances
  2. Audio/Visual, Media Support Services
  3. Security
  4. Engineering support services.
  • Special Room Use does not include use of Library photocopiers, telephones or any other equipment or service not specified in the Fee Schedule list of services.
  • The Library staff will not be responsible for shipping, handling, storing or disposing of materials related to a community event.

Fee Waivers

Fees for special use of Library meeting rooms may be waived only under the following circumstances:

  1. Cancellation is given with appropriate notice (see ‘Cancellation’, page 3)
  2. Emergency situations (earthquakes, fire, etc.) whereby the use of the room(s) will best serve the public good (to be determined and authorized by the Library Commission only).

Emergency Evacuation Procedures for Use Of Koret Auditorium & Latino/Hispanic Community Meeting Rooms

The meeting coordinator (‘primary contact person’ on application) assumes the temporary role of emergency evacuation warden for their event. They are required to be present for the entire event until all attendees have vacated and security notified.

Prior to Your Event

The Meeting Room Manager will review your role as evacuation warden:
Walking the lower level to become familiar with the location of:

  • fire exits and options including fire stairs for use by disabled attendees
  • fire extinguishers
  • remote fire phones
  • manual pull stations
  • emergency evacuation kit

Discussion of what to do if a fire is discovered:

  • activate manual pull station
  • use fire extinguisher if appropriate
  • help evacuate building as outlined in the Emergency Evacuation Procedure

During the Event

  • Notify Security if there are more than three individuals with special evacuation needs attending your meeting. (i.e. wheel chair, blind and/or deaf patrons)
  • During your opening remarks, make an emergency evacuation procedure announcement as outlined on the laminated Emergency Evacuation Procedure.

Appeal Process

  • A group/organization may appeal the decision of allocation or denial of meeting room(s) in writing to the Public Affairs Director setting forth the basis of the appeal and attaching a copy of the application. The Director of Public Affairs will respond in writing within 48 working hours of the appeal.
  • Further appeal may be made to the Library Commission with appeal document and application.