Calligraphic logo for Kalligraphia XVI

16th triennial exhibition KALLIGRAPHIA

14 May - 28 August 2022
Skylight Gallery - 6th Floor
Main Library

100 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
United States

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The Friends of Calligraphy is pleased to present Kalligraphia XVI, its sixteenth membership exhibition.

The original works submitted for display demonstrate a wide range of contemporary calligraphic practices, from the traditional to more experimental methods of using letterforms as a means for artistic expression. All levels of accomplishment, from student to amateur and professional works, are represented and reflect the inclusive nature of the organization and the vitality of the art and craft of calligraphy.

Kalligraphia, held every three years, is unjuried and open to all current members of the organization. The exhibition's title, a transliterated Greek word meaning "beautiful writing," was adopted by the Friends of Calligraphy for its first exhibition in 1976. It has provided a sense of continuity for the succeeding membership exhibitions, through the evolution of the organization over more than forty years and the shifting landscape of current trends in the field of calligraphy.

Logo for Kalligraphia XVI by Larry Thomas.

Related programs:

  • Gallery Walk & Talk, Saturday, June 18, 2022, 2–4 p.m., Skylight Gallery, Main Library
  • Saturday Calligraphy Demonstrations, May 21 – August 20, 2022, 2–4 p.m. Latino/Hispanic Community Room, Lower Level

    - May 21, Judy Detrick – Elizabethan Secretary Hand
    - June 4, Katie Leavens – Engrosser’s Script: A Modular Script
    - June 11, Meredith Jane Klein – Blackletter & Beeswax
    - July 2, Carl Rohrs – Monoline Variations with Flat Brush & Pen
    - July 9, Sherrie Lovler – Calligraphic Abstract Painting
    - July 16, Ann Miller – Celtic Runes
    - July 23, Debra Ferreboeuf – Italic: From the Practical to a Pirouette on Paper
    - July 30, Ward Dunham & Grendl Löfkvist – Unrepentant Uncial
    - Aug. 6, Larry Thomas – Drawn Letterforms
    - Aug. 13, Monica Dengo & Kazuaki Tanahashi – Japan & Italy: Dance of the Cursives
    - Aug. 20, Fun with Calligraphy Day

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