*New Orleans & the Rise of Jazz

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Though the tragic evolution of slavery, emancipation, Jim Crow and the Great Migration, African and Caribbean music changed the sights and sounds of New Orleans.  Melding in unexpected ways with European musical traditions thriving in the city, improvised music was born.

Using classic audio, unique video and live performance by jazz artist Dee Spencer, this lecture tells the story of the complex social, musical and economic factors in New Orleans that lead to the creation and dissemination of jazz, America’s greatest art form.  In addition, some of the most gifted and influential New Orleans jazz artists will be discussed, including Louis Armstrong, Lil Hardin, Jelly Roll Morton, Sidney Bichet and more.

Presented by SFJAZZ Director of Education, Cory Combs.

This is a One City One Book event. This year's selection is Zeitoun by Dave Eggers.

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