Financial Capability Month

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Turn Your Tomorrow into Today

Get your finances up to speed! April is National Financial Capability Month. Starting April 2, the Main Library's Business, Science and Technology Department, in partnership with our experts, provides presentations on a wide menu of topics, ranging from the basics on saving, financial planning and cash flow management to investing, retirement, estate planning and insurance sub-limits. We’ll even cover the psychology of spending and how to be a sophisticated consumer.

Save more, invest smarter and turn your dreams into reality! 


Tuesday 4/2/2024Financial First Aid4-5Smart Money Coaching
Wednesday4/3/2024The 7 Pillars to a Successful Retirement Plan4-5Lee Michael Murphy
Friday4/5/2024Why Invest in Stocks?1-2Craig Braemer
Saturday4/6/2024Demystifying the Financial Planning Process11-12Rachna Bijlani
Tuesday 4/9/2024How to be a Sophisticated Consumer; Not a Myopic Consumer12-1Heather Liston
Thursday4/11/2024Avoiding Scams, Fraud, and Identity Theft4-5Oak Dowling and Beth Fernbacher
Tuesday4/16/2024Insurance: Know Your Sub-Limits4-5Brian K Trouette
Thursday4/18/2024Introduction to Smart Investing4-5Gretchen Hollstein and Chris Remedios
Friday4/19/2024Get More Out of Your Cash Flow1-2Alicia Ivancovich
Saturday4/20/2024Avoid California Probate: Because at Least One Thing is Certain2-3Marlyn Schulz
Tuesday4/23/2024The Psychology of Spending2-3Smart Money Coaching
Thursday4/25/2024Behavioral Finance: How to Bring Your Best Instincts to Your Financial Plan12-1Heather Liston
Tuesday4/30/2024Everyone Retires — Things You Should Think About2-3:30Craig Braemer

Ongoing Personal Finance Programs

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