CLUB FOOT: Caminan hacia la Historia

Piezas del Art Punk Cabaret de San Francisco
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It was 1979, punk rock was just reaching its peak in the Bay Area. The need for a not-for-profit performance space for aspiring Surrealists was absolutely clear.

For five years in an old storefront on Third Street, Club Foot hosted a wide range of performances – from the heavy hardcore of Black Flag to avant-garde luminaries such as Diamanda Galás. But this was no commercial nightclub. Club Foot proposed that we are all consumers and producers alike, erasing the line between audience and stage. Bands were not booked to simply sell beer. Artists not only ran the show, they may have been living under the stairs. Do-It-Yourself by necessity.

This exhibition offers a rare glimpse into one of the Bay Area's longest running underground venues and unearths many oddities and relics from the private archives of JC Garrett and Cindy Buff. Never before seen in 30 years. Dig it.

Related Program: Special event Thursday, July 29, 6 PM. Koret Auditorium, Lower Level, Main Library.

Opening Night, photo credit: Ellen Curley

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