Opera for the People: Winter-Spring 2014

Faust, by Charles Gounod
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Faust, by Charles Gounod

Be careful what you wish for

Enjoy the first famous dramatization of the Faust legend in music.  The aging philosopher Faust feels his lifelong quest for truth and wisdom has led nowhere.  Having missed out on youth and love, Faust prepares to drink poison.  But Mephistopheles appears just in time to offer Faust a deal:  A return to his youth in exchange for his soul.  When the devil (yes, that’s who he is) conjures a vision of the beautiful Marguerite, Faust can resist no longer. 

Opera for the People is a lecture series by Larry Oppenheim designed for both the opera novice and the experienced opera lover. In less than an hour, you’ll enjoy a guided tour of an opera which combines concise commentary with exciting video excerpts. If you are new to opera, you will discover the key anchor points to listen for. If you are an opera veteran, you will come away with new insights and a fresh perspective. And if you plan to attend a performance, your enhanced knowledge should increase your enjoyment!

Larry Oppenheim is president of the Kensington Symphony Orchestra (East Bay), where he is co-principal oboe, and also writes the program notes. Larry’s goal is to make opera more enjoyable and accessible to everyone – including those who may have never gone to an opera.

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