*Fratello Marionettes' The Frog Prince

Performing Arts Festival 2014
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Who’s pulling the strings? The Fratello Marionettes, well known and well-loved in San Francisco, return with The Frog Prince. This classic Fairytale is the story of the spoiled Princess Ofelia on the day of her birthday celebration. The Court Jesters have come to entertain us with their acrobatic feats. We soon discover that the wicked witch has transformed a handsome Prince into a frog and he is destined to live out his life in the wishing well. While playing in the meadow, the Princess Ofelia accidentally drops her new golden ball into the well. The Princess promises to grant the frog three wishes before he will retrieve her ball. Will the princess follow through with her promises, and will the frog indeed turn back into the handsome Prince?

For all ages!