Safe to Touch

A Multi-media, Tactile Art Installation by the Artful Steps Artists of Stepping Stones Growth Center
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At a typical art gallery, guests are discouraged from standing too close to the artwork, much less touching it! The opposite is true of this innovative series, Safe to Touch. This installation challenges how art can be experienced, not only by sight, but by feel. We invite you to tactilely interact with the work; feeling the cold, smooth tile of mosaics or the soft curves of felting. Each artist has their own style and interest adding to the diversity of this series.

The Artful Steps Program at Stepping Stones Growth Center in San Leandro teaches multi-media art to persons with developmental disabilities. The primary goals of Artful Steps are to enable its students to expand their methods for self-expression, to enhance their self-esteem and independence, and to develop their artistic ability.

Mosaic of hot air balloons

Michael Trujillo, Flying High, Mosiac 2014




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