Maya, Olmec, & Aztec Hieroglyphs Crafts

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Join Excelsior Branch in ¡Viva! Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration with Peopleologie!
Have you ever seen a round calendar weighing tons, which tells time for hundreds of years? Or climbed 91 steps to the top of a pyramid? Explore fascinating Mesoamerican civilizations from Mexico through Central America and their important contributions to our calendar system, mathematics, pyramids, astronomy, hieroglyphics, and the arts.  
Use Peopleologie's replicas of animal hieroglyphs as your tools for creating a clay plaque as a wall hanging.
Open to all ages, from five to infinity!  Please sign up with a librarian at the Reference Desk. 

This is a Making & Creative Arts program from SFPL. Create with us- from clothes to robots to so much more.

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