San Francisco’s 49 Mile Scenic Drive - A Virtual Tour

with the authors of "Walking San Francisco’s 49 Mile Scenic Drive"
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San Francisco’s 49 Mile Scenic Drive was designed to show off the best of the City to visitors attending the 1939–40 Golden Gate International Expo. 75 years later, Kristine Poggioli and Carolyn Eidson walked the entire route, researched the history along each mile, and turned their adventure into a turn-by-turn guidebook: Walking San Francisco's 49 Mile Scenic Drive. Their lively, inspiring visual program is filled with the new sites and strange stories they uncovered on the way.

Kristine Poggioli is a copywriter and storyteller with a B.A. in History from U. C. Berkeley. A native San Franciscan, she has given people tours around this city she loves her whole life.

Carolyn Eidson is an award winning filmmaker, comedian and passionate Weight Watcher Leader. As a San Francisco Scooter Girl she leads rides all over the city.

Summer Stride 2018

May 19 – August 19, 2018

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