Computer Basics

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Learn basic skills or improve your computer comfort.

6/14: Fancy Fonts, Shadowed Text Boxes, How to make a “Love” Plaque

6/21: Text Boxes Overlapping, and How to make a Poetry Book

6/28: Templates, Over-Writing, Making Certificates

This class is a mixture of instruction and hands-on help

This program is presented by The Arc San Francisco, a non-profit agency.  The mission of The Arc San Francisco is to serve people with developmental disabilities by promoting self-determination, dignity and quality of life.

SFPL offers free computer and technology classes. Learn anything from computer comfort to coding! Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter and class schedule.

The Bridge at Main is a literacy and learning center that prioritizes community learning, adult literacy, youth and family literacy and technology literacy to create a learning environment for 21st Century skills.

Inclusive programs have been designed for library users who want to gain a deeper understanding of autism spectrum disorders, sensory integration issues, developmental disabilities, learning differences, or other special needs. Everyone is welcome!

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