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Letterform Lecture Series with Nina Stossinger and Tobias Frere-Jones
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Tobias Frere-Jones and Nina Stössinger will present their signage and identity typeface design for the new Essex Market, and share the thinking and process behind it.  Newly housed in a brand new building in Lower East Side Manhattan, this indoor food market itself has served the city for nearly three quarters of a century.  The typeface anchors this newest incarnation of the market in its history, by referring back to some of the meat market's earliest painted and neon signage. The designers have researched these original signs and reinterpreted them in contemporary form, adapting the font for various applications and media.  This is a case study that discusses questions of design, history, and technology and ways in which letterforms can shift and translate between eras, and applications and how the design of letters weaves  into the story of the city and its visual memory.

Tobias Frere-Jones started designing letterforms at the age of sixteen, and has been a professional type designer since 1990.  He has taught type design at Yale University and has received the AIGA Medal for achievements in the field of design.  He opened his own type design practice, Frere-Jones Type, in 2015.

Nina Stössinger is a Senior Typeface Designer at Frere-Jones Type in Brooklyn.  She also teaches type design at Yale University School of Art and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Type Directors Club.

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Main 總圖書館, Koret 禮堂
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Main 總圖書館, Latino/Hispanic 會議室 A 和 B



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