*Our Day Has Come!

An AfroSolo Exhibit
Event detail

Our Day Has Come! envisions the day when there is no more struggle, no suffering, no pain and no disrespecting/violating the humanity of those of African ancestry.  In this new day, the power establishment no longer politically, socially and economically oppresses us. “We” now live in a world highly desirable or nearly perfect in qualities for people of African origin.  This new day calls for reclaiming “Africanness,” humanity and existence and bringing awareness of African achievements and contributions to the world. It calls for positioning our eyes proudly forward to a bright and just future. The works in this exhibit depict what this world would look like for those of African descent.

On Wednesday, November 14, visit the Library between 6pm and 8pm to meet the artists at a reception in the Latino/Hispanic Community Room.

Banner image: Mama Africa (Birth of a New Nation) by Danielle Matthews (detail).

*Funded by Friends of the San Francisco Public Library.

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