AAC Conversation Club

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Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) devices have changed over the last few decades and can include such devices as Dynavox, QuickTalker, Tobii Sono Flex, Talk Bar, smart phones, and tablet applications.  The Conversation Club is an opportunity for AAC users of all levels to come together and practice the use of the devices by exploring topics and themes. Provided in partnership with Support for Families of Children with Disabilities.

For more information contact Kris Moser at krismoser@aol.com


CANCELLED English Conversation Group
星期四, 2019年7月18日, 6:00 pm
Richmond 列治文分館, Richmond 分館會議室
AAC Conversation Club
星期一, 2019年7月22日, 4:30 pm
Noe Valley 分館, Noe Valley 分館會議室
AAC Conversation Club
星期一, 2019年7月29日, 4:30 pm
Noe Valley 分館, Noe Valley 分館會議室



Conversational English Language Group (Tues)
星期二, 2019年7月16日, 5:30 pm
Main 總圖書館, 四樓會議室
Conversational French Group
星期二, 2019年7月16日, 6:00 pm
Main 總圖書館, Martin Paley 會議室
Conversational Mandarin Group
星期三, 2019年7月17日, 10:00 am
Main 總圖書館, 華裔中心