West Portal Book Club

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The West Portal Book Club will discuss The Bookshop by Penelope Fitzgerald and also the film made from this book in 2018.  We meet the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 11:00 am and read both fiction and nonfiction.  New members are always welcome.  Want to know what we're reading next? Call (415) 355-2886 or go to the West Portal Library web page.


星期一, 2019年11月18日, 3:30 pm
Ortega 分館, Ortega 公眾範圍
Great Books Reading Group
星期二, 2019年11月19日, 6:00 pm
Sunset 分館, Sunset Program Room
West Portal Book Club
星期三, 2019年11月20日, 11:00 am
West Portal 分館, West Portal 公眾範圍



Great Books Discussion Group of West Portal
星期三, 2019年12月18日, 6:30 pm
West Portal 分館, West Portal 兒童室開放時間