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Get help with your application for U.S. Citizenship
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Eligible for U.S. Citizenship? Immigration attorneys will be on hand for free one-on-one consultations and to help you with your citizenship application. Advance registration is required: Call (415) 557-4388 to make your free appointment.

What to Bring:

Your green card & all current and expired passports

List of addresses, work and schooling (last 5 years)

List of trips and dates outside the U.S. (last 5 years)

Information of your current spouse, ALL prior marriages for you and your spouse, and ALL your  children (name, address, date/place of birth, date/place of marriage, SSN, immigration status and A#, if any)

If you have been arrested: Bring ALL arrest and court documents, even for dropped charges and expunged records

Seeking a fee waiver? Please bring recent written proof that you receive public benefits, like SSI, Medi-Cal, food stamps, WIC, CalWorks, cash aid, general assistance, etc

Men only: If you were living in the U.S. between ages of 18 and 26, please bring evidence of Selective Service registration if you have it. You may verify registration at www.sss.gov, or (888) 655-1825

Este es un programa de servicios para inmigrantes de la Biblioteca Pública de San Francisco. Los temas incluyen información básica sobre cómo establecerse en los EE.UU., cómo aprender o mejorar el idioma inglés, cómo aplicar a la ciudadanía, ¡y mucho más! Los comentarios y opiniones expresados en programas a cargo de grupos no afiliados a la Biblioteca Pública de San Francisco no reflejan necesariamente la política o posición oficiales de la Biblioteca Pública de San Francisco o de la Ciudad de San Francisco.

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