Disaster Safety: 3 Part Series

presented by Self Help for the Elderly
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The Seismic Safety Outreach team will provide San Francisco’s diverse populations with the hands-on training and education on how residents, both young and old, can prepare before, during and after an earthquake.

New attendees only. 
This program is made possible by Self-Help for theElderly (SHE), it will be conducted in English, with Cantonese translation provided upon request.

This 3-week workshop meets on Wednesdays, September 4, September 11 and September 18. 

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Lava Mae Free Mobile Showers
星期二, 2019年10月15日, 8:30 am
Main 總圖書館, Fulton 街台階處
Heart/Mind Meditation
星期二, 2019年10月15日, 12:15 pm
Richmond 列治文分館, Richmond 分館會議室
Food: Biblio Bistro
星期三, 2019年10月16日, 11:00 am



Knitting Circle
星期二, 2019年10月15日, 1:00 pm
Glen Park 分館, Glen Park 分館會議室
星期三, 2019年10月16日, 12:00 pm
Main 總圖書館, Hormel 中心
Tai Chi at Noon
星期三, 2019年10月16日, 12:00 pm
Eureka Valley 分館 , Eureka Valley Patio