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Native American Healing in the 21st Century: NR, 53 minutes, 1999, captioned. How Native American healing traditions compare to and are viewed by other cultural methods of healing, including Chinese and modern medicine.

Ishi's Return: The Last Wild Indian: NR, 28 minutes, 2016, captioned. How Native Americans managed to survive the darkest period of their history and reclaim parts of a fractured past.

Beyond Recognition: Women Preserving Native Culture: NR, 25 minutes, 2014, captioned. Ohlone women attempt to establish the first women-led urban Indigenous land trust. The film points to the intersection of human rights, women's rights, and environmental protection to spotlight a California story with worldwide resonance.

Come for one, two or all three films! All ages welcome.

Join the Library's celebration honoring the voices of Indigenous and native peoples for National American Indian Heritage Month.

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